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Alex Achtermann selected to play for Colorado Rockies in MLB draft

Alex Achtermann was selected by the Colorado Rockies in the 30th round of the Major League Baseball amateur draft on Wednesday, June 5.  

Achtermann is the eighth baseball player in Pitt State history to be selected in the MLB draft.  

Achtermann is originally from Colorado and to be selected by his home town team was exciting.  

 The whole process this whole year and last year was exciting but I think when I finally got the call (and) saw my name up on the board, it was something that I have been dreaming about forever,” Achtermann said. “It was an unreal moment and especially my hometown team here in Colorado.”  

According to Achtermann, he had a lot of help throughout his baseball career.  

Every coach I had (and) every teammate I had (have helped me),” Achtermann said. “Coach Fornelli this year (and) Coach Meade this year… Every step along the way I have had people that have helped me along and kind of getting to the process of where I am at now.”  

Baseball Coach Bob Fornelli says everyone is proud of Achtermann 

“Well we are really excited about Alex and his opportunity with the Rockies,” Fornelli said. “It is a cutthroat business and hopefully he can go in there and do well and continue to play for a while.”  

To make it in the league and be a professional baseball player, Achtermann says it takes hard work.  

I think it is definitely a process that you have to start now,” Achtermann said. “If you are in high school, you have to start working out more and being the hardest worker out there. It is not going to come easy… So, I think especially now in the first two weeks I have been here really kind of opened my eyes about how much you have to do on your own and the coach is not watching. There is always something else you have to be doing. So, basically… be the hardest worker every single day.”  

There are a few things Achtermann is looking forward to during his professional baseball career with the Colorado Rockies.  

… (I am looking forward to) kind of just getting better every single day at pitching. (I am) meeting a lot of new faces… just in the two weeks I have been here,” Achtermann said. “A lot of guys from out of the country who do not speak a lot of English. So (I am looking forward to) just making new experiences (and seeing) a lot of new faces. Just learning the game of baseball more than I already have really.  

Achtermann is grateful for all of his coaches and teammates at Pittsburg State.  

… I (want to) thank all of the coaches that have got me to this point, especially this year at Pitt State,” Achtermann said. “All my teammates were pushing me, and it has been a heck of a ride.”    

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