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Melinda Roelfs, interim registrar, works in her computer at Russ Hall on Monday, June 10. Roelfs was the assistant registrar for transcript analysis and started as the interim registrar from Monday, June 3. Salehin Mahbub photo-editor

Melinda Roelfs takes over as interim registrar

After a long career, registrar Debbie Greve steps away to retirement, but her position will not be filled by an empty suit. 

During her 31 years at Pittsburg State University, Greve served in the office of admissions and then worked as the assistant registrar, and eventually the registrar in 2007. 

“She’s (Greve) had a great career,” Smith said. “… She just chose that this was a point in time that she wanted to step aside… She’s done an outstanding job and she was ready to move on to some other things.” 

Melinda Roelfs assumed the position of registrar on June 1 after Greves officially retired in May. Roelfs has been a member of PSU staff since 1997 and has held various positions throughout the administration in the registrar’s office and the office of admissions. She has held the title of assistant registrar for transcript analysis since 2018 and she served as the director of the office of admissions before that since 2006. 

“For many years, I helped students as they started their college experience,” Roefls told Pitt State News. “Now, I have this fantastic opportunity to lead a team that guides students on their path to graduation. It’s very gratifying in different ways.” 

The Office of the Registrar falls under the purview of the Office of Enrollment Management and Student Success, currently directed by Howard Smith who will also soon be the PSU provost and vice president of academic affairs starting on July 1. 

“Melinda… (has) served Pittsburg State University in key roles over many years,” Smith told Pitt State News. “… leadership in (this)… critical (position) is needed and appreciated.” 

Pittsburg State had initially announced that Kwanna King was hired to fill the vacant registrar position but according to Smith and Pitt State News, King rescinded her acceptance of the position due to personal reasons. King began a position as the registrar at the University of Wyoming on May 29 and came from a registrar position at Connors State College in Warner, Oklahoma. 

“I am committed to providing a student-centered environment in the Office of the Registrar (and) collaborating with departments in both the academic and student sectors of the institution while acclimating to the Pitt State way of life,” King had said in a statement before rescinding the position. 

Smith declined to comment about King’s credentials and why Pittsburg State accepted her as the registrar before her rescinding of the offer, though he did tell Pitt State News in April that he was “extremely excited” for her to join the PSU staff because of her experience as a registrar and her philosophy and work ethic. 

Smith commented on Roelfs’ experience in the registrar’s office and how she is “uniquely prepared” to work with the programs Pittsburg State has in place, such as the new system of general education requirements called “Pitt State Pathway.” 

“There are many programs at Pittsburg State… and Melinda has the skills to maneuver those programs.” Smith said. 


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