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Out with the old and in with the pantsuit

Everyone will need those go-to outfits for the upcoming summer, and not to mention to wear to support the graduates! This summer try something new and get rid of those typical dresses everyone wears. Instead, try out something a big different than usually with a pantsuit instead! 

Now, there are many different kinds of pantsuits, but there is one specific style advised for the upcoming summertime. The styles can include anything from flowy to skin-tight, short- to full-length, and not to mention the numerous prints and patterns also available. 

It is just about summertime, which means you don’t want to wear something that is too constructing or that you will be too toasty in, which influences the overall advice for the style to choose. This summer, search specifically for the flowy, spaghetti strap, shin-length pant suits.  

The reason for switching from the regular dress to the pantsuit is threefold. The first reasoning is that it is always a great idea in fashion to change things up with your average wardrobe and try out something that you may not have worn before. For some, this change may be a bit daunting and you may feel that the style is not for you, which in that case it is fine, although it is highly advised to at least test it out once because you never know until you try it—and you may find that you love it! 

The second reasoning is because for women pants have always been seen as a sign of individualism from the stereotypical femininity. While women’s rights have come a long way since the first times of the ages that women began the switch from dress to pant, that does not mean we can’t follow the same mentality today in the 21st century. Sporting a pantsuit instead of the assumed dress may spark a conversation with a curious person, or someone who never thought about making the transition before. Use this fashion change as a way to start something new, maybe even a fashion revolution just as in olden days. 

The third reasoning is simply because fashion is always evolving, so an evolution like this is inevitable and good for the fashion industry. Not only is this a fashion statement for the fashion world itself and women everywhere, it will also be marked as a learning point for where fashion will go in the near future. Will we see more pantsuit variations, or will we go back strictly to the frilly dress tradition? The fashion world will simply have to wait to find out what sparks new creativity. 

For those who are possibly weary of the pantsuit switch, do not worry too much, as there are perks to the pant suits. The ankle-length, flowy pantsuits will in a way mimic the look of a dress—but without the worry of that dreaded wind blowing it clear over your shoulders! Even though it is not the typical, feminine dress, that does not mean the pantsuit has to be any less feminine—it is all what you make of it. 

This season, get out of your comfort zone and try on a pantsuit for yourself and make the switch for summertime—and maybe test it out at an upcoming graduation! 

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