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Summer fashion is on its way

It’s about time to say “good riddance” to classes and “hello gorgeous” to summer sun! With that said, you have to make sure you’re also staying up-to-date with what’s the latest and greatest within the fashion world—you want to shine your brightest this summer, don’t you? 

Summer has a handful of prime trends you’ll see flying around this summer, and some are just a bit stranger than others. Though, others may not bring near as much surprise to the table. 

2019 has brought yet another blast to the past with its summer trends—but that’s what fashion is, reusing and revamping the past for something new and modern. The first style of many is tie-dye, just like we’re back in the good ‘ole 70s. I know what you’re thinking, who would want to bring back the bright, mix-match colors of tie-dye? Well, something to note about the tie-dye trend is it doesn’t actually have to include obnoxiously bright colors for it to constitute as tie-dye! With that in mind, lets connect it to an additional trend for the summer: lavender purple. 

This summer is bringing out colors we’ve often placed on the back burner, like lavender. Forget those typical bright pinks, yellows, and darker (yet still bright) purples and replace it with something soft and refreshing! To connect this to the tie-dye trend, try out some tie-dye materials composed of lighter colors like lavender, sky blue, or pastel pink and yellow, as these will sport today’s newest tie-dye trend while also looking much more pleasing to the eye! 

An additional focus for summer 2019 is on shorts. While shorts are always a focus every year, this season it’s different. We’re not talking about booty shorts like we typically see nowadays, we’re going back to the 2000s for some Bermuda shorts—or even bike shorts if you want to get sporty-looking. This trend is quite suitable because it can fit just about all body types, while previously the short shorts trend was not fitting for everyone. 

This next trend may make some fashionistas want to hide, while drawing others out of the cave: fringe. When used in moderation, fringe can add a perfect and much-needed piece to the overall outfit, tying it all together. On the other hand, if used incorrectly or in too large of amounts fringe can take over the entire outfit, pulling you back to the wild wild west 

Another unsettling trend for this summer is animal prints. First and foremost, as long as the prints are not made from real, actual animals then that takes at least one negative aspect away from the trend. Other than that, it’s really just a trend that shouldn’t be making its way back into the light (even though it seems that it is). If you follow this trend of sporting animal print, do so in moderation and extremely far between—no one wants to be marked at the “cheetah print girl,” there are many other, better fashion trends to follow instead. 

With that said, be on the look out for fashion trends that arrive this summer and use good judgment when choosing which to follow and which to set aside. 

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