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Queen City defeats Women’s Rugby

The women’s rugby team at Pitt State lost a match to Queen City Saturday, April 20 in Springfield, Arkansas 

Women’s Rugby vice president and freshman Biology major Mauresa Caire believes the team played well and kept fighting despite losing the match.  

I think overall we played with a lot of intensity and even our captain made comments that they were able to get tackles… because of our intensity,” Caire said. “Their women’s club have a lot more experience and a lot more game time than we do and so I think we stayed with them pretty well. I feel like we still played really well even though we lost.”  

The Queen City team was very experienced and played well according to Caire 

They did really well at offloading the ball as they were getting tackles which just made it hard to stop the ball because they just continued to offload it and continued to advance every time that we tackled and it caused us to get a little rough and bunched together,” Caire said. 

Caire saw couple of things during the match that the team could improve on before going up against their next opponent.   

I think we need to work on working as a team,” Caire said. “A lot of times we got bunched up or someone tried to make a play on their own when we needed to work as a team in order to advance.”  

A new member of the team stood out to Caire during the match 

…We have a rookie this year, her name is Amber, and this was her first game,” she said. “She scored, which was amazing. She had an opportunity and she took it, which I thought was phenomenal for it being her first game.”  

Caire hopes to see the team come together to play as a single unit and hopes to battle back and end up on the winning side next time around 

I hope that we can work well together and work as a team,” Caire said. “I hope for obviously a win. But yeah it is always nice to have a full team. This weekend our team was completely filled with Pitt State girls so… it made it easier with a lot of familiar faces. We are much more familiar with each other and how each other work so I hope we have that same turnout next weekend.”  

The Women’s Rugby club has an upcoming friendly match against the University of Central Missouri on Saturday, April 27 here in Pittsburg.  

The Women’s Rugby Club is always recruiting and looking for new membersFor inquiries regarding joining, students can contact Brian Peery at (620) 235-4175 or bpeery@pittstate.edu or can contact the club through Facebook at Pittsburg State University Women’s Rugby.  


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