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Women’s Rugby defeats Tulsa

The Women’s Rugby Club secured a victory over Tulsa by more than 50 points in a match on Saturday, April 13 in Oklahoma 

Vice president Mauresa Caire believes the teams good offensive during the match, teamwork, and their communication all contributed to their 67-15 victory.  

We did phenomenally honestly,” Caire said. “The first half of the game went extremely well. It was a completely offensive half. We all worked (together) really well and we were communicating. We played really well and continued to push through…”  

According to Caire, the team played well in several aspects of the game including being aggressive, attacking, offensive, and communicating with each other during the game.  

I think we did really well at always being on top of the ball and being aggressive and attacking,” Caire said. “We basically played offense… and so we did really well at running the ball, communicating, and backing each other up.”  

The team needs some improvement in their strategy during games, according to Caire.  

“I think (we) mainly just (need to work on stuff) strategy wise,” she said. “Maybe there are some ways that we could go about some plays better that could help improve (our skills) and have a better outcome.”  

The Pitt State girls teamed up with a few players from Oklahoma State University (OSU) to play a full 10s match as the Women’s Rugby Club from Pitt State did not have enough girls travel with them to Tulsa to play a full 10s match.  

… We actually teamed up with OSU for this game,” Caire said. “They ended up sending players down to Tulsa to play with us which allowed us to play a full 10s match.”  

Caire believes the team with the added players from OSU worked together very well and got along with each other.  

Honestly, we did really well as a whole. I think the chemistry between the players from each team worked really well,” Caire said. “We have been talking about possibly joining a tournament together which would be a lot of fun. Overall, I think we did really well. We all kind of fit in and kind of filled the gaps for everyone.”  

Caire hopes to see more people travel with the Women’s Rugby Club to tournaments, matches, and/or conferences in the future.  

“The next game, I would like to see more people out,” Caire said. “Sometimes we struggle with getting girls to come to away games which is why we had to have OSU come join us. So, I think one of my biggest hopes is to have a bunch of girls from Pitt State come out and play because it is always a lot more fun when more people from the team join.”  

The Women’s Rugby Club has another match in Springfield against Queen City on Saturday, April 20.  

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