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Ultimate Frisbee competes at KU tournament

The Ultimate Frisbee Club participated in a tournament in Lawrence hosted by the University of Kansas. The club lost all games.  

Despite losing, Soccer Club Captain and junior Marcus Yoakam was proud of the team for fighting hard and giving it their best shot.  

“Everyone likes to laugh and kind of joke about how frisbee does not require very much skill but frisbee is a pretty hard sport,” Yoakam said. “People do not really focus on multiple extracurricular activities… A lot of the guys who are (in) the frisbee club… are dedicating all their time and going to practices two to three times a week so they are getting plenty of reps and they are very very goodSo, it is kind of difficult for us because a lot of our people… cannot dedicate all their time to frisbee but nevertheless we went out there and we gave it our best, so I am very proud of the team for that.”  

Yoakam believes the team did well defensively but could use more practice as far as offense.   

“Defensively, we were very rock solid,” Yoakam said. “Offensively, we needed to get off and create more open space. But defensively, we were very good. We held our zone very well. Our back-safety play was tremendous. We were bale to control most of the pace of the game with our defense… Defensively we did very well.”  

According to YoakamUltimate Frisbee is a great sport and hopes to see more people explore it.  

My hopes are just I hope more people can come out and join the club,” Yoakam said. “It is a very very fun sport. It is fast paced and there is a lot more to frisbee than what most people see. My own hope is that we get some new players and we get more people to come to the tournament because we went, and we had I think 13 because most teams out there are carrying like 21 to 30 people on their team so there are ample subs. I would like for more people to come because I would like more people to learn about the game of Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful game…”  

There are many new members this year, according to Yoakam.  

This season is going to be different because we have a lot of new guys,” Yoakam said. “One of our things is for the last couple of years we have had kind of our main (guys but) they have all gone and graduated or they are finishing their senior year, so they have not been able to come. But right now, we have a lot of new people and it is good…”    

Ultimate Frisbee tournaments are hard to come by, therefore there is not another scheduled until next semester. Despite not having any completive matches scheduled, the club is always accepting new members and will continue to practice and prepare for future tournaments.  

“If anyone wants to come, we usually play on Monday and Thursday. Everyone is welcome..,” Yoakam said. 

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