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Club Volleyball closes season at Regional Championship

The Club Volleyball team traveled to Kansas City to compete in the Regional Championships Saturday, April 6. The team played five games and won the first two.

Club president Lauren Esquibel believes the team played well and have improved since their last tournament.

“We actually played very well,” Esquibel said. “We improved a lot over the course of the couple of weeks we had between the tournaments… Our first game we played against Denver University and we won that and then… we also won (our second game). So, winning those two games really set the tone for the rest of thee weekend. It was nice to have that under our belt. But after that we did play some really tough teams, but we stuck with them the whole time. So that is what I was mostly proud of is that we did not roll over. We kept with each of the teams and really played well. We did not end on the best note but overall it was a really good weekend for us.”

According to Esquibel, everyone worked together as a team and that contributed to their wins.

“Honestly, everyone just did their part better and we were more of a cohesive group than individuals playing,” Esquibel said. “We played more as a team, (there was) a lot more communication that happened on the court compared to our other tournament and I think that is why we played a lot better too.”

While the team did great as a whole, a few players stood out to Esquibel.

“… Everyone really did have a part in the game,” Esquibel said. “There was not one who stood out because in volleyball you have to have a good day and have a good set in order to get a kill kind of thing. Leadership-wise Sydney Dent… was really good at constructive criticism with her teammates. Same with Larissa Gaumer… She is most likely going to take it over for next year and get it going.”

Esquibel noticed a couple highlights throughout the season.

“Well our middle, Delaney got a pancake… she keeps saying that that is the highlight of her volleyball career and that is never going to happen again… Honestly, just the tournament itself (was a highlight). We went out to eat and we got to bond a little more. It was a quick season for us since it was just a semester since we started late but just getting to know each other a little more was fun.”

The club has big plans for next semester and the semester after that.

“Honestly once school is out, we will not do anything but next semester they are going to be doing a lot more scrimmages with other schools that are around us such as Missouri State, KU, K-State,” Esquibel said. “They are all not a terrible drive… Just kind of getting familiar with the people who are in our conference and just improving our overall club and then the following semester is when the big tournaments will happen.”

Esquibel believes the club has been successful and is thankful for the girls in the club and their commitment as it started with 30 girls trying out and eight committing to the team.

“Just being the first season out it was a lot more successful than I had ever hoped for,” Esquibel said. “The girls have been great working with me. It has just been a lot to kind of get our name out there and establish that we are a club team and we are here to be competing. Overall it was just a good start to what it could potentially be.”

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