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Women’s Rugby Club competes against OSU

The Pitt State Women’s Rugby Club competed against Oklahoma State University on Saturday, March 30.  

Senior Kallie O’Keefe and Women’s Rugby Club president believes the team performed and played well.  

Honestly, I think we did really good,” O’Keefe said. “There are quite a few things we need to work on, but it is kind of hard to tell when playing in the rain like that (and) when no one can catch the ball because it is so wet and muddy. But both teams played really good and it was a really good learning experience for our girls because we do have so many new girls.”  

Vice president Mauresa Caire also believes the team played well under the circumstances.  

“I think we did really well for the conditions,” Caire said. “The game was actually really short. We were supposed to plays tens which is 20-minute halves. The first half ended up being only 14 minutes and the second half only was like less than ten minutes… It was like 15 degrees. It kind of started sleeting outside and the field was completely covered in water. So, it was a really rough game weather wise.”  

Caire believes the team played well and came together during the match.  

“I think we did really well as a team and as a whole playing together because it has been a while since we all were able to actually practice together,” Caire said. “So being able to pull everyone together and play tens as a team, I think we did a great job with that.”  

There were a few players that stood out to O’Keefe during the match against OSU including Cairejunior Kylie Dominick, and sophomore Hannah Bass.  

“We have Mauresa (Caire) who played last semester,” O’Keefe said. “… She is on top of it, she has figured the sport out so fast. There is Kylie Dominick. She is always ready to go and always gives everything. Hannah (Bass) is so small, but she is so powerful on the field and it just blows my mind every time I watch her play.”  

According to Caire, the team needs to work on their offense before their next match.  

“I think we need to work on our offense and getting depth definitely with our passing,” Caire said. “It is hard to say because we will end up playing sevens the next game and so it is a lot different than tens and 15s.”  

O’Keefe hopes to see the team adequately prepared and equipped for their next match 

“Next game, I just hope the girls are ready… because hopefully it (will not) be raining and it is going to be a complete shift of everything we are going to have to do,” O’Keefe said. “We are bouncing back and forth between playing seven’s and 10’s so we just have to be prepared and ready to go no matter what is going to happen.”  

Caire is aiming to get back on the winning track 

“Honestly, I hope to win next game,” Caire said. “But I hope we can improve on our defense and our offense all together. We will be playing Tulsa next and their women’s club (is) a lot more well put together so if we are able to keep up with them then I think that will say a lot.”  

The Women’s Rugby Club’s next match will be a friendly match against Tulsa.  

The Women’s Rugby Club is always recruiting, and anyone interested in joining can stop by practice or get in contact with them through Facebook and the Clubs/Organizations page on the Pitt State website.

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