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Sierra Jones, freshman in pre-nursing, jumps over the beam on the Meltdown inflatible. "Be A Kid Again" was located in the Oval and was open to all students to go and play. Hannah Meier

Students experience childhood again with GAB

Many childhood games such as Twister and Hungry Hungry Hippos, took form as inflatables in Pittsburg State University’s Oval.  

The Gorilla Activities Board (GAB) hosted ‘Be A Kid Again’ from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Wednesday March 27. in The Oval. 

“I’m just really excited for people to have fun and get on some of these inflatables and have a good time (since) this isn’t something everyone gets to do on campus… so it’s really an awesome time and I’m really happy we can just bring this to everyone,” said Abby Adams, junior in marketing management and GAB campus community chair. 

The idea for the event began when one GAB member suggested having an event with Twister in it and how having an inflatable Twister would be “cool”. 

“We thought it would really be cool to get students involved outside …so we went along with the theme and thought… let’s just have a day where we can get back to our roots (and) be a kid again,” Adams said. “So, we got a whole lot of inflatables like Hippo Chow Down, Twister, Meltdown (similar to Whiteout), and human whack-a-mole.” 

Free popcorn and cotton candy were also available for those who participated in the event. 

Adams said she hoped the event was a way for students to have fun and remember that GAB is just the people who make campus fun, and they can attend other events and have a good time with those as well. 

Taiylour Rappart, senior in psychology and counselling, attended the event with her daughter who wanted to play on the inflatables. 

“… She saw it earlier and wanted to come but I said we had to wait ‘till after (my class),” Rappart said. “… It’s just fun. She loves the cotton candy.” 

Adams also said GAB started planning the event in November which was when “the idea began to culminate.” 

 “I never went on a bouncy house as a kid,” said Sierra Jones, freshman in pre-nursing. “Having more than just one bouncy house has been great, so you can try one or more things.”   

Jones said the event made her feel as though she was back in her childhood. 

“They have cotton candy, they have bubbles, and they even have Twister,” she said. “It’s also a really nice day so it’s nice to come out here. I lived in the country my whole life… so being outside and having fun (reminded me of my childhood).” 

For other students, the various inflatables served as a way to destress. 

I used to do inflatable obstacle courses at birthday parties so that was always fun being able to do this stuff is cool and a great way to keep your blood pumping,” said Holly Bissell, sophomore in social work. “It’s a fun and easy way to take off the nerves.” 

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