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Spicing up that pink lip for Spring

With Spring coming into full bloom, pops of pastels are appearing and, by nature, makeup lovers want to start popping on that nice spring look. A classic look for this season is a nice pink lip. Keeping it simple is always great but if you’re looking to spice up that pink lip for Springthere are a few ways to do so.  

Typically, one of the key ways I like to change up a pink lip is by putting a top layer of lip gloss over a matte lipstick. Using a pink matte lip base will prevent the lip from getting too sticky or slippery once the gloss is on. If you were to use a lipstick that has a lot of slip, combining that with lip gloss can get messy very quickly. Now, if you wanted to still use a lipstick with some slip, that’s okay. Be sure when applying, botthe lipstick and gloss to be light-handed. This will give you a glamoured look without the mess.  

Another way to spice things up is using a combination of pinks and liners in an ombre effect. Bringing in different pinks will be sure to make the lips pop. To ombre the lip, take your liner and first outline the lip with whatever shade you choose with your liner. The next step is to get your base color all over the lip. Once that’s done, bring in the color you want to ombre into the base color and put it in the middle of your lip underneath your cupid’s bow and in the middle of your bottom lip. Blend the two colors together by  patting or rubbing the lips together. Another way to ombre the lips is by blending in the other from the inner corners of the mouth and the lining of the lips. This method is a common way to give more lip to the lip and can be used with more than two colors. 

If you’re feeling that your pallets are getting the most use, try popping some of those pink shades on the lips. The use of highlighters and eyeshadows is another great way to boost vibrance into lip color. To apply, start with a lipstick  base. The base color you choose will play into what undertone you give your lip color, so if you wanted red undertones you could put some red as a base. While the base is still wet, take a brush or your finger to pat and blend the pink shadow or highlighter. Be sure to start with small amounts and build. If there’s too much product, on the lip it will crumble, crease, or end up drying out the lips.  

Bonus tipAs mentioned before, lip liners are a way to put some pop into a classic pink lip. Liners also play a huge part in shaping the lip, and even changing the size of the lip. If you love a good pink lip, sometimes giving the appearance of a change in shape or size can make a huge difference in the turn out of the look.  If you’re wanting to make the lip bigger, simply bring down your foundation to the top of the lip and reshape the lip line over your natural one. To create a smaller lip, bring down the foundation the same way, and reline the lip underneath the natural one.  


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