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Put a ‘spring’ in your wardrobe

Spring has sprung, which means your wardrobe obviously needs a little spring in itself! Spring means letting your hair down and letting your toes (finally!) out to breathe and feel that fresh air. It is first advisable to remember that during springtime it often takes a month or two for the weather to completely reach its height, which therefore means staying prepared for a chilly breeze, evenings, and mornings. 

Everyone is familiar with the springtime phrase “April showers bring May flowers,” well let your wardrobe speak this phrase this season! This is much easier to do than you would think, so don’t fret! This spring, stray from those typical light Easter-related colors like pale pinks, blues, yellows, etc., instead find clothing simply with flowers or greenery on it, as this will shout “spring” just as well though in a more classy and muffled manner. Especially for growing adults or college students wanting to make that adjustment to more of an adult style, trying out this advice this season will do you wonders in taking those first steps forward! 

Along with this, don’t think that just because we’ve made that transition from cold winter to warm spring that you have to exchange those dark winter colors out for brighter colors—stop yourself before putting these clothes in storage! A simple way to incorporate those darker colors from the cold months into the coming warmer months is to mix lights with darks (just don’t do this in the washer). Take, for example, an outfit composed of jeans, a sweater overthrow, and a tank top; if the jeans are light, pair with it a lighter-colored sweater and a dark tank top or cami, or a darker sweater with a light (possibly white) tank top or cami. On the other hand, if the jeans are dark, pair with it a light-colored sweater (such as a yellow, light grey, blue, or white) and a dark tank top or cami. These sweaters are great to keep around because they are suitable for the chilly mornings and evenings, then during the day slip it off and your tank top/cami gives the outfit a springy vibe. Completing these outfits with a simple pair of sandals are a great way to tie everything together—because you know you’ve missed those pesky sandals all these months! 

Another way to incorporate your winter wear into your spring wardrobe is to keep around those simple long sleeve shirts you used for laying through the wintertime. Since the weather has warmed up, that means its also time to let those pale winter legs see some sunlight in skirts and dresses! Keeping in mind the variable chilliness of spring, pairing a long sleeve shirt with a skirt, no matter the style—whether jean, skater, pleated, pencil, etc.—this is a purely spring outfit. To top off this spring outfit, finish it with a pair of lace-up sneakers like Converse, Vans, Keds, or the like, as this will give the outfit a fun and flirty, spring flare. When it comes to colors, follow the same ideal as with the jeans and sweaters; if the long-sleeve shirt is dark, choose a lighter skirt—like light jean, khaki, or light color like yellow—and if the long sleeve is long sleeve is light (like white or any light color) then you can pair any of your darker-colored skirts with it—such as black, dark red, or the like). 

Keeping these pieces of advice in mind, try combining them all by incorporating your winter wear into your spring wardrobe while also sporting a piece or two of clothing with minimalistic floral. Get springy this season, just don’t go too crazy. 

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