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PSU celebrates women in construction

This week was used to honor a career field often led by men: construction. In honor of celebrating the development of the construction field’s diversity, this week was deemed National Women in Construction Week. 

“I think that unless you are in the field and have worked with women, you might not realize that there is a place for them here, but there definitely is,” said Gabriel Blair, junior. “It may not traditionally be a woman type of job, but neither were a lot of careers.” 

The National Association of Women in Construction’s Southeast Kansas Chapter leads monthly meetings and promotes support for the female students that choose to take on this future career, especially during this annual week. The meetings are used to help connect the students and to support them during their secondary education and beyond. 

“I always had an interest in business, but I didn’t want that typical nine to five desk job,” said Taylor Park, senior in construction management. “I got to be a part of the process when my parents built their house my senior year of high school and that really sparked my interest in the field.” 

Park chose her major with an emphasis in company management and came to PSU excited to learn more.  

“We are seeing more and more women in construction,” Park said. “Being a female in this industry has never held me back from my career goals and I hope Women’s Construction Week can spark at least one young lady’s attention out there to maybe think, ‘Hey, I could do this too!’” 

The department, like many PSU departmentsoffers a hands-on experience that create teacher-student relationships. Park feels that being on a firstnamebasis with the professors and getting to know them and see their passion for the field has enriched her experience and allowed her to feel more confident in her career choice.  

“I really value the faculty and culture of our department,” Park said. “I know my professors want to push me to my fullest potential. There are so many opportunities in this program and we all are team players here in the School of Construction.”  

Pitt State strives to provide a welcoming atmosphere within its individual departments to benefit students by assisting in relationship building, which can benefit their futures. 

“I have never met a group of people more hardworking and dedicated than my peers and professors,” Parsaid. “These men and women have been some of my biggest cheerleaders these past four years at Pittsburg State.”  

Construction is suitable for men and women alike when it comes to choosing a future career and is the “people side” of business. 

“I graduate in May and I can’t wait to start my career in the field I love,” Park said. “But I will definitely miss the people that have helped me to grow in that love over the last few years.” 

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