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Justine Barrett(right), senior in marketing graphics management, talks about a future career with TruHome Solutions Representatives. Students could download the Career Fair Plus app and favorite which companies they wanted to see for the Spring Career Day on Monday, Feb. 25. Hannah Meier

Students spring into career opportunities

Spring Career Day provides the opportunity for students to find internships and become more informed of options for future careers. Students are given the chance to talk with businesses and learn about potential internships and job opportunities.  

“Our goal is to just be represented here and always have our name here so people recognize our company, our brand, our work that we do, but then also just to help the students and give them more experience and look at resumes and really just get our name out,” said Kim Froman, representative with Crossland Construction Companies. 

On Monday, Feb25, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., PSU hosted their bi-annual career day at the Plaster Center. With over 150 businesses in attendance, both local and out of state, students had a variety of booths to stop at for more information. 

“I just got here but I’m really excited to find some opportunities and capitalize on them,” said Abby Adamsjunior in marketing management. 

With tables set up down the track, there were many opportunities for students to talk to potential future employers.  

“It’s blown me away more than I expected, it’s a very formal event and there’s a lot of good companies here so I’m glad that my school offered this,” said Bradley Moles, junior in business management. 

Career day opens doors for students, either preparing to graduate or for those looking to get internships before graduation. 

“I am looking for a summer internship that could possibly turn into a career,” Adams said. 

The event was open to all PSU students and students were advised to dress in professional clothes and be prepared. Some students attended with resume’s in hand to give to companies they hoped to work with in the future.  

“I think it’s very beneficial, I think especially with… (how) we’re neighboring so many different states, the ability to bring in so many different companies from different areas is allowing our students to grow their network,” Adams said.  

 Students registered online for the event, and upon arrival they were given a name tag with their name and major as well as a sticker that signified different areas. For example, a green name tag would represent Arts and Sciences and so students could look for booths with green stickers to help them find businesses easier. 

“We love it it’s always set up really well, registration’s really easy, all the help and the hospitality has been great, and we like to see other companies here so it’s nice to us to get exposure and networking opportunities as well,” Froman said.  

The event was not only for businesses to find interns or future employees, but also for graduate schools to come and help students find programs and schools that best fit their education.   

“This is our first year at this event, we have some specific programs where we have had successful students from Pittsburg State so we came looking for more students,” said Patty Milner, representative with the University of Arkansas Online. “…We have brochures about our different programs as well as we’re showing people how to find programs on the website and get more information about them there,”  

The event also had an app to help students know what businesses and schools would be attending so they could better prepare for their day.  

“I just think it’s a good idea to continue to do this every year, it really helps students out to find a job I know some students don’t know what they’re going to do when they graduate, this shows them there’s options out there for them,” Moles said. 

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