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The Dance Pitt play a contemporary performance at the 4th Annual Dance Showcase held at Bick on Monday, Feb. 25. The dance team performed on Selah choreographed by Ashley Tate.

Students show off what they learned in Dance Showcase

PSU’s Dance students got the chance to show off what they have learned in the fourth annual Dance Showcase. PSU students as well as community members participated in the Dance Showcase.  

“The very first year we did it (and it) was very successful, and we were quite pleased with it,” said Janice Jewett, professor in HHPR department and production director of the dance showcase. “One of our missions in terms of doing this is to let people know we have a minor in dance and a certificate in dance on our campus, so we involve those students as much as possible in our showcase.”  

The Dance Showcase was held Monday, Feb25, at 7 p.m., doors opened at 6:30 p.m. The showcase started with a dance “A Day in the Life at PSU” that consisted of all of the HHPR Dance students. The emcee for the evening was Dani Brunetti, minoring in dance, who also performed in the opening number. 

“We have some of our own students that are in beginner classes that we include, beginner to advanced, in our opening number and that’s all of our students taking our dance classes, so they may be dance minors some are not though some are just taking the classes for fun,” Jewett said.  

The showcase had 42 dance numbers performed by PSU students as well as various dance companies in the area. The dances ranged from group dances to duets. The showcase was also open to clubs on campus as well. 

“We invite any clubs and organizations on campus too that promote dance, so the dance club and I believe the African Student Association has partnered with Eclectic soul studio, so they are going to be involved in it as well, we’ve had BSA in the past, I think those are our main clubs or organizations on campus,” Jewett said. 

Clubs and studios participating performed a variety of dances such as tap, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop. 

“The dance club one was very thrilling and fun, and it was a great opportunity, and the duet was deep, emotional, and I’m very proud of my partner and I for working our butts off on this,” said Addison Correll senior in psychology and vice president of the dance club. 

Correll participated in the dance club’s performance as well as a duet with Carli Roberts. 

“The dance club has done it every year it has happened and our advisor is the one who puts it on and then the duet we just, me and Carli are really close and we just decided we wanted to do something and had gone through hard times in our life so we decided to commemorate that into a little duet,” Correll said. 

PSU’s dance club performed a jazz number to the song Express from the movie Burlesque 

“I have been dancing since I was three, so I really love dancing, and I wanted to get back into the groove of doing it again, that’s why I joined it, and to do the showcase, just for the opportunity to perform,” said Cassidy Pankratz, freshman in elementary education. 

Performers in the showcase varied in age, some of the studios in the area had performances from children as well as local high school cheer and dance teams. 

“I think it was pretty amazing, I liked the variety of dances, the variety of age groups, the variety of skills, it was good,” said Brandy Brouhard, senior in psychology. 

The showcase provided studentsdance studios and high schools to perform what they have learned in front of an audience. 

“The first year we did it I think we had smaller numbers in the audience but still a good turnout, four or five hundred and a good amount of performers and a good amount of numbers but this is probably our largest in terms of dance numbers we’re doing,” Jewett said.  

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