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Men take the carpet at the Oscar’s

Whoever said the Oscars was the time to shine must have been someone like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Dior, or the like because the men stole the red carpet at this year’s award ceremony. Maybe it’s more that suits primarily stole the spotlight, as majority of the best dressed sported complementary suits. Many of the women, on the other hand, took more fashion and style chances, which also brought along more losses. 

Starting off the pack is Tommy Hilfiger himself sporting a very Tommy Hilfiger-esque outfit, featuring his brand’s usual reds, blues, white, and even plaid. While his suit was made of mix-matched sections of this colored plaid, it was paired with a simplistic white button-up and black loafers—complementing the suit’s black collar and cuffs—Hilfiger pulled it off with pure perfection, setting the tone and bar for the men on the red carpet. 

Next on the list is Chris Evans. Anyone who saw Evans on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars had to have nearly feinted because Evans did everything right. With what looks like a prime time for velvet, this year Evans showed off a light and dusty, velvet blue suit coat. Paired with a white button-up dress shirt, simple black bowtie, dress pants and shoes, Evans certainly followed Hilfiger’s impression with another right at perfection—the bowtie was the true accessory that pulled the look together. 

John Mulaney, like Evans, put together a look that certainly impressed. Mulaney strutted the red carpet in a classic men’s look of black bowtie, dress pants and shoes, and white button-up dress shirt, but it was also his suit coat that pulled him out of the crowd. Mulaney took a step into the past, sporting a suit coat with floral-rose print of the 90s, though it was so much more than that. Composed of dark and fancy shimmer-like colors of gold, wine red, and sea foam green within the rose-like flowers atop a black background, this suit surpassed everything one would have expected. Mulaney is right up there with the men rocking the red carpet. 

Following these three icons of the night’s fashion included more well-dressed celebrities, men and women alike, those of the men that took the carpet for the evening next is Jason MomoaMomoa. Following in Even’s footsteps in sticking to a velvet themed suit, though Momoa took it a step or two further than Evan’s—and possible a step too far. Showing up in a blush and pale pink velvet suit, accented by a black collar and pinstripe on outer pant legs, Momoa showed how to break gender barriers. While Momoa did not look bad by any means, the overall outfit was a little bit too much to take in. But Momoa certainly does receive recognition and applause for stepping out and making his mark with his outfit choice. 

Others sporting soft, simplistic, and gorgeous velvet suits that deserve noting include many more men. One of whom is David Oyelowo, found in an emerald green velvet suit with a black collar and small chain acting as a connector, finished his outfit with black shoes with gold accents. Oyelowo set path for another unique outfit that featured styles of previous decades and various cultures. Stephan James also arrived in a velvet suit, though in a surprising and bold, deep red—only slightly darker than the red carpet itself—with a matching vest and unique bowtie. James finished his outfit with complementary pure white dress shoes and shirt. 

For the women, a quick note is that many tried out creating a new trend: capes. It is a hard “NO” from this fashionista to any outfit that incorporates a cape—unless you’re Super Man or Batman. Overall, the men truly showed the world their fashion capabilities on the 2019 Oscars red carpet. While the Oscars seems to simply be another time for celebrities to show off their new style or favorite designer, maybe this year’s looks will pave the way for more men to follow in their footsteps. 

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