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Keelah Griffith, freshman out-fielder goes for the bunt to get a base hit. Gorillas are now 4-4 after a win and loss in their home opener games against RSU. Hannah Meier

Softball falls to Roger State, East Central

The Pitt State softball team played a double header against Roger State on Thursday, Feb. 14. The Gorillas lost the first game (2-8) but rebounded in the second game with a victory (9-6). They played another double header on Sunday, Feb. 17 against East Central but lost both games (3-7, 7-8).   

Head Coach Ashley Balazs believes the team needs to make “improvements to their defensive tactics and their offensive strategies.”  

“We started slow offensively in both double headers,” Balazs said. “We need to do a better job making adjustments early. At times, we showed how good we are offensively… Defensively, the changes moving Kala to 3B and Madison behind the plate is playing off well; both are making great plays. We need to attack the ball a little better on defense. Pitching wise, we are doing a decent job getting outs early and getting ahead…” 

In game one against Roger State, junior Kala Holder and freshman Keelah Griffith each made one run apiece. Senior Alicia Lowrey had two RBIs. Senior Chloe Holman and Holder each compiled a total of ten putouts. Griffith had four putouts and Lowrey had two. Lowrey had two assists and Holman had one.  

In game two, Junior Kaity Kukowski scored three runs and junior Mikayla Mahlo scored two. Kukowski and Lowrey had three hits apiece. Junior Dru Collins and Mahlo each had one hit. Lowrey had three RBIs, Kukowski had two, and Mahlo had one. Junior Makenzie Goswick accumulated a total of seven putouts, junior Madison Wegner had six, Kukowski had three, and Holder had one. Holder made six assists and Kukowski made one.  

In game one agaisnt East Central, Holder and Griffith each made one run apiece. Holder made two hits and Collins, Goswick, and Griffith all made one. Griffith had a total of two RBIs and Goswick had one. Goswick gathered a total of seven putouts, Holder had two, and Collins and Mahlo each had two apiece. Holder made four assists.  

In game two, Holder, Griffith, and Kukowski all made one run. Holder made two hits, and Griffith, Goswick, and Kukowski all made one hit. Holder collected two RBIs. Goswick put away 12 putouts, Kukowski had three, and junior Brittanee Knepper had one. Holder made a total of six assists and Kukowski and Knepper each made three apiece.  

According to Balazs, the team played well in the second match against Roger State on Thursday.  

“We did a good job in the second game against Rogers State,” Balazs said. “They’re a very solid program.” 

Several players did well despite losing three out of four games this past weekend, according to Balazs. 

“Kala really turned a corner offensively this week,” Balazs said. “Keelah is beginning to see the ball better and making the needed adjustments to be successful. Everyone had good moments throughout the week at the plate.” 

The softball team will have a busy week of practice with strikes, hitting, runners, and pitching. 

“We will be working on battling with two strikes at the plate and situational hitting,” Balazs said. “If the weather allows us, we will working on challenging runners at the plate. Pitching wise, we need to work on putting hitters away and eliminating free passes.” 

Balazs hopes to see more “consistency” from the team during their next matches.  

“I hope we see consistent AB’s at the plate,” Balazs said. “I hope we play like each pitch is the game winner. If we play with passion and play for one another, we are a tough team to work with.” 

The softball team is currently ranked 4-6.  

The teams next match is a double header on Saturday, Feb. 23 against Drury in Springfield, Missouri. After that, The Gorillas will travel to Oklahoma City for another double header game against Oklahoma Christian on Tuesday, Feb. 26.  

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