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Jansis Alvarado, senior in art, sketches at the Art Silent Auction and Workshop held at the Overman Student Center on Thursday, Feb. 14. Yashvi Limbasiya

PSU art organizations hold silent auction and workshops

The Pitt State department of art partnered with the University Art Association (UAA), and Kappa Phi International Art Honor Society to host a silent art auction and various art workshops from 1 to 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 14, in the Sunflower Room of the Overman Student Center. All proceeds went towards the UAA and Kappa Phi International Art Honor Society.  

“(It is) partially as a fundraiser for both clubs, and partially as a way for students to be able to sell their artwork,” said Sophia Stapleton, senior in art and member of UAA and Kappa Phi.  

The auction featured work from students, alumni, and faculty. All art submissions were accepted. 

“Student, faculty, alumni… we all came together, although the bulk of it is student work,” Stapleton said. “Students were encouraged to submit (artwork), the ceramics were mainly what was left over from (ceramics) students, several faculty members also submitted work. Additionally, we had a miniatures workshop and part of those were for the auction and some were for our Labette show, so we got quite a few submissions for those.” 

In addition to the silent auction, there were also three free workshops for attendees to participate in. The workshops included portrait drawing, wire sculpting, and Valentine’s Day face painting.   

“I’m more of a digital artist…” said Jansis Alvarado, senior in art. “… but I’m starting to do more traditional (art) because it can help me transfer that into digital media.” 

Alvarado led the portrait drawing workshop from 3 to 5 p.m. and said as a member of both UAA and Kappa Phi, she was asked to help lead a workshop. 

Stapleton said the workshop leaders were chosen from individuals who had previously been involved in art education workshops, individuals who has helped during ‘high school art days’, as well as people she personally recommended. 

Chris Anderson, associate professor of English, attended the event after receiving an email about it earlier in the day. 

“I’m enjoying it,” Anderson said. “It seems like there is a lot of excellent student work here, and I’m always impressed when I see Pitt State artists or student artists and how good their work is. I wish there were more people here checking things out.” 

Anderson said he is interested in all mediums of art, as he also teaches an art form. 

“…you know literature, you know, I’m also a writer myself, so I’m really interested in all the arts,” Anderson. “So, I really enjoy visual arts-painting, photography, pottery, and so on. So, I thought I would come over and see what’s going on and what’s available.” 

Anderson said he appreciates art sometimes “just for the sheer beauty of it”. 

“We live in a world that’s sometimes very busy and stressful, so sometimes we just need something beautiful to appreciate,” he said. 

Stapleton believes attending art events such as the silent auction and workshops can be beneficial for those attending. 

“…even on a simple level, it makes people’s houses so much nicer to be in, much prettier,” she said. “It’s also good to know what we’re doing, as we’re pretty involved in the community.” 

Not only does attending art events benefit the attendee, but it can also be beneficial for the artist. 

“It really shows and makes an artist feel better, like “Oh, someone likes my work” I should keep producing more of this,” Alvarado said. “Especially for other students involved in things, it just encourages us to create more.” 

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