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Mr. Trump, you are the emergency the country needs to deal with

Last week, President Donald J. Trump announced that he would be declaring a national emergency in the name of border security. This announcement comes after the temporary agreement reached to end an almost month-long government shutdown that left hundreds of thousands of Americans without work. Now, Trump wants to defraud even more from the American people and the sad thing is that he’s probably going to get away with it. 

To quote one of my favorite movies, “Nothing wrong here,” is what the Trump administration wants the American people to think about these dastardly tactics to get a ridiculous wall all in the name of xenophobia. Make no mistake: this so-called “emergency” is an attempt to divert funds out of important departments such as Housing and Urban Development or Education, two of which the Trump administration has never been keen on supporting. During the government shutdown, Trump’s stupidity caused many government-dependent citizens much strife. These citizens relied heavily on the government aid provided to them to pay their rents. Reports from during the shutdown made by NPR said that thousands, even millions could’ve been evicted had the government not resumed full capacity and paid the back dues to these people. This reign of terror unfortunately does not end with a reinstatement of the government. 

Currently, Congress has too lax a position on this misconduct by the President’s administration. The Justice Department is eagerly awaiting Robert Mueller’s investigation into the wrongdoings in the Trump campaign. These events need to happen quicker because before too long, it will be too late. Trump will have either defrauded the American treasure chest or will be out of office. 

Mueller’s probe needs to scare the Trump administration into doing the right thing and giving themselves up. The administration is a hotbed of crime and villainy, to use a comic book metaphor. The use of the metaphor is on purpose. This plot feels like a comic book, but we haven’t got to the final page yet. What waits in store is unknown, but the American people have a choice. 

The true emergency is the climate that Trump has created. Every day, there are reports of MAGA hat-wearing ruffians deciding it’s their place to say who deserves a place in the world and who doesn’t. In the news as of late, West Virigina lawmaker Eric Porterfield joked to a reporter that he would drown his kids if they came out as gay, stating that he would “see if they could swim.” This kind of prideful behavior is disgusting and is created by Trump’s disregard for human life and professionalism, all in the name of “patriotism.” 

The American people can do their part by contacting their representatives and telling them that this mania cannot stand. This nightmare needs to end with either Trump’s resignation, paired with Mike Pence and the rest of his “swamp’s” soon behind, or a lengthy investigation into the internal affairs of this despicable administration. Mr. Trump, America will be alright without you. 

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