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Fashion relives its history

Fashion seems to be experiencing some major déjà vu, which is prominently expressed in most major retail stores upon stepping foot through their door. While this means that past stylistic decades—such as the rocker ‘60s, hippie ‘70s and ‘80s, and spunky ‘90s, though thankfully not the cringy 2000s—are making their comeback debuts, is it considered cheating the fashion world? Some may say yes, others no. 

In a way, it is possible to see the action of fashion looking to its ancestor years for clothes to borrow—just as younger sisters do to their older sisters—as stealing or cheating their ways, it makes more sense to view this as a way of recycling and revamping past styles into something new and possibly even better. With that in mind, not everything in today’s fashion world taken from previous stylistic decades emanates only that decade, instead it mixes those previous decades with popular style choices in modern fashion as well. An example of this is the evolution of a crop top, that of which is in the limelight nowadays, with the patterns or prints and style of the ‘70s to create a mixed-era look. In this way, it properly exemplifies that fashion is basically a repeat of stylistic decades in order to create something new and modern while still using the best aspects of previous years’ fashion. 

Another note about intermixing the various styles of the past decades is creating something completely new and different than what was ever created during those decades. Expanding from this, think of picking a top from the ‘70s (maybe a flared long sleeve with a funky pattern), with ‘90s bottoms (maybe a skater skirt), a ‘60s jacket (perhaps a stonewashed and ripped jean jacket with rolled sleeves), and ‘80s tennis shoes (possibly white Keds or simple Adidas). This ultimately creates a complete outfit that never could have been possible in any of these decades because in those times women were trying to transition themselves into a new time. Now, in 2019, women have overcome that transition and have taken a step into an age where women are empowered, and this is show through their clothing and fashion overall. 

Finding these “historical fashion” articles of clothing are simpler than you would think. First, before even leaving the house, check your mom’s or even older sister’s closets because you may find hidden gems they thought would never see the light of day again! If you still are on the hunt for those clothing pieces, check out all the typical major retail stores, especially Target, Rue 21, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, and more. These stores should provide more than enough variations of styles and decade-ware, especially Target. For even further searching, check out all your local thrift stores; while these clothes will be second-hand and possibly quite worn in, there is not better place to ensure findings of past decade clothes than a typical thrift store. Along with this, thrift stores provide great items for refurbishing and creating completely new and great outfits no one would have thought of before!  

Fashion has changed an extreme amount in the last century, but it is only expected to change equally as much in the following century, that of which will be shaped by all the previous years that went before it. So get out there and dress the decade you know you were born for, because now is the time! 

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