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Playing with non-traditional colors for Valentine’s Day

You can always tell when Valentine’s Day is approaching. The stores begin to change their decor with bright red and pink products, YouTubers put out their annual “Red Lip Look”, and the season for chocolate and flowers has arrived. The season is always so beautiful, but sometimes the same colors and makeup looks can become boring. For this Valentine’s Day, there are a few ways to mix nontraditional colors with traditional ones in a way that will have you snatched.  

The first way is to try a different base color. I personally like playing with greens because they mix well with purple and pink. We don’t want to mix this with red because we don’t need a Christmas flashback. Using green as a base will give room to blend those beautiful traditional colors along the crease and pop some pink or opal shimmer in the tear duct. If you want a super vibrant look, sometimes it’s hard finding the exact pigmented color you want. You can easily fix this by mixing colors and creating it yourself, or, hold on to your seats, by using a matte liquid lipstick. It sounds odd, but when you use matte liquid lipstick on the lid it dries super pigmented and is easy to blend. If you choose to use brands like Morphie, ColourPop, or Lime Crime, you’ll even get a sweet smell of vanilla cupcakes or candy. That sounds like Valentine’s day spirit to me.  

Staying on the same topic of color on the tear duct, a nice emerald green pop to the tear duct can take a simple traditional pink or purple look and make it brand new and fierce. Doubling the color on the tear duct is also another option. When you stack colors, it creates an awesome layered look that is sure to turn heads. To get the best look, be sure to take those same colors from the tear duct to the cheekbones, cupid’s bow bridge of the nose. Green is not the only option to play with, of course. If you wanted that red look, you can always play with nontraditional colors like a nice brown or blue, and even orange. If you do it right, you can mix and match almost any others together.  

If you’re feeling bold, playing with lip color is always a way to ‘stick it’ to tradition. Having a neutral look with a loud lip color is always fun and bold. Using a shimmer liquid lipstick is a way to make those lips sparkle and stand out. Shimmer lipsticks come in all sorts of colors from nude to flashy orange. Going matte is also a way to have a calm tone to the loud colors used on the lip which creates an elegance to your look.  

The last way I’ll share, that I personally love doing, is to switch up the color of your eyeliner. Black is always beautiful but switching the color to a peach or a traditional red can be a game changer. The great thing about switching your eyeliner up is that you don’t even have to go out and buy eyeliner if you don’t want to. If you have a vibrant eyeshadow you like, you can line your lash line with concealer and apply the color on with a small packing brush. Another option is to smoke out the lash line with that color for a semi-smoky eye.  

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