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Grabbin’ the Grammy on the red carpet

This year’s Grammy’s blew people away all over the nation from Grammy winners to red carpet looks. Let’s see who grabbed the Grammy on the red carpet for 2019. 

The Grammy’s red carpet featured a multitude of sleeks and pinks for both female and male celebrities. From Cardi B holding the face of R&B in her extravagant and statuesque dress, pearls, pink, and a peacock tail, and Katy Perry in her puffy cupcake-like gown to Kylie Jenner sporting an “innocent” pink pantsuit and gloves with Jimmy Choo’s and Post Malone’s looking like a young girl’s sparkly cowgirl costume. Pink was in the eye of the Grammy’s on Feb. 10, just four days before Valentine’s Day, though the fashion world did not love all of their outfits. 

Often times celebrities take their fame and fortune as reason to dress in ludicrous ways—such as Cardi B and Katy Perry—while others use it as a platform to exude elegance and taste. Though they all take advantage of the opportunity to display their personalities and the high price of the clothing—such as Kylie Jenner (surprisingly) and Post Malone, who executed this well. 

Many others across the red carpet chose to take a simpler and more elegant stance at their appearance on the Grammy’s red carpet. Those caught by the public’s eye looking sleek and simple included Jennifer Lopez in a straight-fit white dress with matching oversized (but extremely simple and perfectly complementary) hat, embellished with silver jewels; Lady Gaga—who has toned down her style increasingly, and for the better—in a dazzling silver from head-to-toe gown, slit up her left leg to reveal matching heels; and Dua Lipa in a form-fitting and sweetheart-cut gown with a mixture of cream and silver sheen, who left her mark with a surprising trail attached to her dress back. 

Taking a simple route when travelling the long road of the red carpet always leads to success, especially when keeping to the neutral and fancy colors of silver, gold, white, and black. These stars shining with simplicity and elegance truly stole the carpet this year. 

The red carpet feature looks from all ends of the spectrum, including bright and bold mix-match colors, matching the vibrant personalities of the stars who walk the carpet. Names who stood out vividly wore colors of reds, oranges, and crazy patterns of sparkles—most of which did not work well at all. Young Thug appeared in far too casual of clothing, sporting a neon yellow hoodie under a red leather jacket, paired with average khakis and black-red sneakers. Dolly Parton showed up looking as Dolly Parton typically does—not surprising, though pretty sore to the eye—in a tight and cleavage-revealing orange-red mermaid-fit dress stopping just above the knees, in an odd and uneven flare, embellished with wiggly, sparkly, confusing patterns; overall, Parton certainly shows that she is trying to live past her age but simply refuses to bend to the times of today’s fashion. Last for this category was Hennessy Caroline in a bright, pumpkin orange tuxedo-inspired dress landing almost inches too short on the front-side, though not back-side, featuring great wing-like sleeves; aside from the almost obscene shortness of her dress, the simplicity surrounding Caroline’s bold orange outfit choice through small gold accents, ties it all together. Carolina took the Grammy home in this bright and bold category. 

While celebrities all have their own personal style and pretty pennies within their bank accounts, which they show off across the red carpet, some still choose to follow the “black tie affair” theme surrounding the Grammy’s. Sometimes this “black tie” look goes over well, while other times it simply falls completely flat. Miley Cyrus in her somewhat skimpy yet also empowering black suit coat and matching flare bottoms gave this “black tie affair” a twist—as Cyrus often does. Almost all men, Post Malone aside, fell into “suit” with this average black suit theme, none of whom necessarily stuck out to the eye. 

All in all, the Grammy’s—just like any other celebrity award show—featured all kinds and colors of outfits mixed with various sizes and combinations of accessories, not one alike the next. Of the pick, Malone, Gaga, Carolina, and Cyrus surpass all others, winning the Grammy for the red carpet.  

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