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Five ways to always feel beautiful

Being in college can sometimes do a number on a person. With the busy life of college, it can become hard to keep up with taking the time out to take care of oneself. You may neglect that washday or skincare day to study for that exam, understandably. Doing this can really take a toll on a person over a long period of time. Luckily, there are ways to fit in ways to still feel beautiful, even with the weight of the world on your shoulders.  

One of the first things that may seem so little is keeping a clean space. By having a clean space, you open up a door for starting a day off fresh. Having open space also gives room for a clear mind. It gives one less thing for you to worry about and it creates the habit of cleanliness.  

With a busy schedule one might think, “Clean space sounds nice, but I don’t have time.” This leads to the second step into feeling beautiful: waking up early. I, personally, like waking up at 6 a.m. to workout and make a decent breakfast. It’s something about being up early that leads to a productive day. Getting an early start gives more hours to get things done, it also makes the day feel fuller, which leads to going to bed earlier as well.  

The third tip is to try and dress up more often. Getting dressed up and doing your hair and makeup, even if you feel sick, can help create a better chance of feeling beautiful. I noticed that when I dress better I feel amazing, even when the world is on my back. And, let’s be honest, when a person dresses nice, it’s hard to not feel on top of the world.  

The fourth tip is to do what you love and learn. Often times, when people are under a lot of pressure from school, giving up your personal life is no question. Stay connected and find new connections; human connection and interaction can save a person from going insane. Maintaining your personal life should always be a priority in feeling beautiful and like yourself. As for the learning aspect, knowledge is powerful. Getting to know yourself and the fun things in this world can be something that makes you feel most beautiful. Whether picking up a book or taking a trip to a museum, a chance to learn is a chance to feel beautiful.  

The last tip is to keep a journal and planner. This may seem like a lot to do, but with a lot to keep up with in school, writing things down helps. Keeping up with homework, school events, plans, finances, and whatever else can be exhausting to keep up with in your head. To keep that mind clear, writing everything down will quickly become a stress relief.  

These are some things that make me feel like I’m hitting all my womanhood goals. There are all sorts of things that can make you feel good—and be sure to keep doing them. Hopefully these activities help you reach the things that make you feel best! 



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