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City meets country

Do you ever want to join your friends for a night out at the local country club, but country just isn’t your style? Everyone knows you basically have to wear boots to a country club, so what can you do about it—you don’t want to stick out too much! Don’t worry, there is a way to wear those boots and fit in with the scene without giving your entire style over to the country western age! 

To begin, you will need a pair of boots, though instead of spending the big bucks on an authentic pair, find some simpler fashion “country” boots instead. These fashion boots will allow you to blend in with the crowd, but also allow you to stay close to home with your city style. Choosing a nice, soft brown is your best bet, as this will match most clothes and will not stand out too much. 

The next step is to make the decision of either a skirt, dress, or jeans—no matter which you choose, they do need to be blue jean material, though any shade of blue (dark or light). This means choosing between a blue jean mini skirt, blue jean dress (what ever style you have or prefer to find), or typical jeans.  

If you want to stay close to your usual style, choosing the mini skirt or jeans are the best options, as you still have to pair a top with your bottoms. Since you already have the boots and the blue jeans (whether skirt or regular jeans), you don’t necessarily need to worry about the top you choose quite so much. Look through your stash of dressier “going out” tops and choose your favorite or what ever style you’re feeling that night! It is advised to keep it simple, though, such as by choosing an all white or black dressy top, or even a solid color crop top; this way you still follow your usual fashion but also have a subtle country flare. 

If you prefer trying something new and want to really embrace the country style, try out the completely blue jean dress. This blue jean dress paired with your boots will practically scream “country” the minute you walk into the club. To take this look a step further, try the addition of a bandana; tie a solid-colored bandana around wrist, neck, or add it to your hair for an extra “cow girl” look. 

While these are tips for what to wear, there are also tips for what to stray away from completely. Try not to dress too stereotypical when following the country style. This means no large, bulky belts or cowboy hats—especially ten-gallon hats. Also, please refrain from tassels or bolos. While sometimes button-ups, or even pearl snaps, can look OK on women, leave these to those who are actually country; if you are simply trying to dress the country part for a night, leave that pesky pearl snap in your grandma’s closet and think twice before you ask your dad for his flannel button-up. 

Making the transition from city to country for a night doesn’t have to be as hard as riding a bull, so buck up and put on those boots because it’s time to harvest new fashion advice. 

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