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Hop into hoops (again)

Accessorizing often is a difficult task, especially when you have no idea where to start. Not every accessory is for everyone, which makes it even more difficult, though this season making that decision has become easier. 

As fashion goes, this season has taken a blast to the past, as hoop earrings, or “hoops,” are now the dominant accessory. Hoops accentuate just about every outfit, no matter if casual, fancy, or anything in between. Forget the past negative connotation about large hoops because this season no matter the size of the hoops—tiny, medium, large, or even excessively large—they each are great accessories. 

While hoops are the main accessory of this time, there is a specific way to wear them so as to not overwhelm your outfit. The first lesson to know, if wearing larger hoops, is to plan your outfit around them. By doing this, this will allow you to keep in mind that the rest of your outfit should not include too many prints or bold colors, since the large hoops will act as the main piece of the outfit. Though, if wearing small or medium-sized hoops, you do not need to worry about this as much. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to not wear too much additional jewelry with the hoops because wearing too much will cause your outfit to look tacky, and no one wants that. If you add a piece of clothing or jewelry after putting on your hoops and it looks tacky, take the clothing or jewelry off or replace it with something simpler—the simpler the better. Along with this, try to refrain from mixing golds and silvers—choose one and stick with it throughout the rest of your accessories—as well as multiple colors; some hoops will come in accent colors, like red, black, white, etc., but try to use only one color and use it to add an accent to a simple, neutral-colored outfit. 

Another key concept to keep in mind is how to wear your hair with the hoops. This season has brought back not just hoops, but also the style of wearing hoops with an updo—a style many have strayed away from, as it is quite bold. With that in mind, use this season as a chance to show your bold side, shown through your many sizes of hoops. Though, for those days you would rather keep it simple or want to leave your hair down, choose a pair of hoops that will stick out through your hair—i.e., a black pair for those with blonde hair or a gold pair for those with darker brown hair. 

To fully capture this blast from the past, though, take chances with the rest of your outfit, too, because if you stick with the typical T-shirt and jeans or leggings combination then the hoops will look rather out of place. You want to avoid this, so try some additional key fashion trends to get out of your comfort zone, like layering, ripped jeans, various color or print combinations, and more.  

No matter if you’re headed to class for another tedious day and want to spice things up, or going out on a special date, add some hoops for a new and improved style. 

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