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Getting rid of those pesky stretch marks

It’s coming to the end of January and the pressure to stick to new years resolutions is high. Valentine’s Day is approaching, that bikini body needs to be ready for Spring break, and you are working close to be summertime fine. While you’re working hard on staying in shape, and it shows, you may still be showing those complimentary stretch marks from the weight you’ve lost. Sometimes stretch marks aren’t so bad, but sometimes they can protrude out of the skin or leave large lines of depigmented skin. In the cases where they are very noticable, there are a few products I’ve found on my journey of getting rid of stretch marks.  

If sticking to nature is your preference, Vitamin E oil is your best bet. Vitamin E has high antioxidant properties that help with reducing stretch marks while moisturizing the skin. This oil should be extremely thick and sticky to touch. There is generally no scent to it. However, if you are looking for smell, try argan oil and almond oil. These oils have similar benefits for the skin and a sweeter smell to them and are not as heavy and thick as Vitamin E oil. These oils can also be used all over the body, and hair, for great skin and hair health.  

If you wanted to prevent getting more stretch marks, cocoa butter is the way to go. Cocoa butter is rich in moisture and anti-aging agents, significantly reducing large stretch mark from appearing.  

Other products, outside of the natural area, are Strivectin and Mederma. These two creams help speed up the process of reducing stretch marks faster than the natural route, which is why I personally like them. The good thing about both of these brands are that their creams can sometimes be used as multipurpose creams for all around great skin care much like the natural oils. Some of the stretch mark creams can also double in wrinkle prevention and scar reduction, giving all out bang for your buck.  

To make sure you’re doing the skin justice, get to know your skin first. Test it out! Make sure the product is best for you. Get a sample size of the product or oil and test it on a small part of the skin first before using it in large amounts. Nothing is worse than trying to improve on something and making it worse with an allergic reaction. 

For oils, try cold pressed oils. Most essential and body care oils are extracted through heat in production which reduces the nutrients in them by more than half. By purchasing cold pressed, you get a product that has not been touched with heat, therefore leaving all those beneficial nutrients in the oil. 

These are just a few of many products that can be used to help reduce stretch marks. These are just the best products that work for my skin. We all have different skin types so be sure to make the best choice for yours.  

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