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Get into gray

Winter seasons often bring about darker colors, emphasizing blacks and deep reds, blues, and greens, though this year it seems that one color has out-ranked them all. That color is grey. If you want to stay up-to-date with the current fashion trends then you need to first start by stocking up on grey everything. 

Since grey has become this season’s fad color, this means grey clothing and accessories from head-to-toe. Though, to specify, this includes all shades of grey—from the average light grey to heather charcoal grey. 

Starting with the head, this ranges from hats, beanies, and even scrunchies. Depending on your style, you may not prefer hats while others do. For those who enjoy the extra accessory of a hat, try searching for a grey felt hat, as this can spice up almost any outfit and give it an indie or hipster vibe—this is highly suggested for all fashionistas. For those on the other end of the spectrum and prefer to keep it simple, grab a pack of grey headbands or scrunchies for your more casual outfits. During this chilly season, your best friend will be a light and/or dark grey beanie because it will go with practically anything and is perfect for those bad hair days. 

Next is the bodice, which includes scarves, shirts, sweaters, overthrows, and coats. One of the handiest clothing items to own is a simple all-grey sweater because this—as with the beanie—will go with any bottoms and is great as a base for an accent color within your accessories. Stocking up on grey T-shirts, V-necks, or even tank tops is great because all you have to do is throw one of these on under a flannel and you’ve got yourself a casual and comfortable-looking, yet hipster, look that was so simple to create! The same goes for overthrows, cardigans, and scarves; own at least one grey article of each and interchange them as needed depending on the weather and you are good to go about your day. For coats, though, it is advised to get one that is neutral-colored so that it does not overwhelm your outfit and will pair well with whatever you wear—this year, choose a grey coat and you will not regret it because grey will always be in. 

Now, for the pants, in regards to this are all bottoms: jeans, dress pants, leggings, sweats, and shorts. Making a change and switching to grey bottoms may seem like a daunting idea to some, though this is the perfect way to start changing up your look! First off, instead of sticking to those overused blue jeans, slip into some distressed grey jeans and pair this with your favorite simple shirt for a casual outfit or dress it up a fancier occasion. This will give your outfit a whole new and fresh feeling. This same ideal goes for dress pants as well; the typical black dress pants are often boring, so take a chance in some dark grey ones instead and have a new attitude about your work. Grey leggings, sweats, and cotton shorts have seemed to have hit an all time high this year because they not only are just as comfortable as the usual over worn black leggings (and black sweats that left the limelight years ago) but the grey somehow provides extra attractiveness—something fashion lovers aim to accentuate. 

This leaves the ankles and feet, which include socks, stockings, tights, and, of course, shoes. There is a time and place for those simple, black sheer tights, but this season switch them out for a dark grey instead for a twist. For a further twist, grab some grey knit tights instead! Though, for those who insist on keeping their black tights, slip into some grey stockings to accentuate your legs and add a cute, yet innocent, style—knee-highs are great for shorter dresses or skirts. For those sporting boots and pants instead, pair some grey boot socks with your outfit for a simple accessory addition. Last but not least, take that chance and when facing that decision between brown and black shoes this season—especially boots—take this advice and go with the grey, you will not regret it. 

Overall, this season has proven that no matter what clothing item or accessory you wish to emphasize grey is the way to go. If you want to really get into this season’s grey trend, try pairing multiple grey clothing items and/or accessories together for a completely new look. Remember, grey goes with everything. 

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