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Brook Turner, senior in marketing management, and Parker Welborn, senior in marketing managment, work together on homework in the Axe Library on Tuesday, Nov. 27. Students work in groups on the first floor around the library's Starbucks cafe.

Gorillas get ready to wrap up finals

As the fall semester comes to a close, finals week can be a stressful time for students.  

Large amounts of school work and stress can be a challenge for students to overcome. Ashley Wadell, counselor the Student Success, said that some of the common mistakes that students make is that they wait until the last minute to study. 

“I think that when we rely it all on our short memory, you really put yourself at a disadvantage so studying early is the best way to fix that,” Wadell said. “Do a little bit everyday rather than trying to get it all in the night before the exam. It doesn’t necessarily take more time.” 

Wadell also said that stressing out and not focusing on getting things accomplished is another “major problem.” 

“Another mistake that students make is they get really stressed out. They don’t really take care of themselves, so I think that something that can be prevented to by starting early,” Waddell said. 

As the stress mounts, some students put themselves at risk by using drugs to help them stay awake and focused. According to a study conducted by the University of Texas-Austin, so-called “study drugs” can have dangerous side effects such as irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, anxiety, nervousness, and paranoia. 

“Students need to feel confident in their abilities to do well..,” Wadell said. “You are going to be okay without needing any kind of enhancements… Give yourself the opportunity to prepare as best as you can and so you can maybe avoid those temptations because over the long whole it’s not really going to be helpful.” 

Some students believe the solution to undue stress during finals week may be in the elimination of comprehensive finals.   

“I don’t think finals should be comprehensive. It’s very unnecessary and annoying,” Abdulrahman Alshanqiti, junior in biology, said. “You are often already burned out once you get to final. It might as well just be like the rest of the finals.” 

Alshanqiti said that he would advise his fellow Gorillas to “prepare early” for finals. 

“Balance is very vital. Don’t study if you don’t want to, that’s a recipe for disaster,” Alshanqiti said. “Eat well, sleep well, and definitely stay off drugs and Monster (energy drinks).” 

Noah Monsour, senior in communication, believes that finals should be about the work that students have accomplished over the semester. 

“I believe I’m preparing pretty well. I was stressed at first, but I have gotten a lot accomplished, more than I thought I would. There is a huge load of stuff that I’ve had to do but I’m getting it done,” Monsour said. “Certain classes I’m okay with being comprehensive. Other classes, its best quarterly or so but I’m okay with it… Consider finals a blessing and opportunity to learn and grow, not a drag, I understand that it can be difficult, but I believe that reward is more promising be prepared well.”

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