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Pancakes for a cause

For the 70th year in a row, Kiwanis held their annual pancake feed and holiday market Saturday, Dec 1 at Memorial Auditorium. Attendees gathered in the basement to eat warm pancakes and sausage. That many people takes a large team working together to make it happen. This is a combination of people ranging from age 7 to age 70. 

“I’d say this is the Pittsburg social event of the year,” Janette Mauk, Pitt State senior administrative specialist and longtime Kiwanis member, said. “And it’s all for the people of the community and for the kids. It’s always so cool because we see people that we don’t normally see during the year. It’s great getting our… Kids from Lakeside, George Nettles, and West Side elementary schools, builder’s club from the middle school, and Key Club from the high school, and Circle K from the college. So it is quite a Kiwanis project – a Kiwanis family.” 

Mauk has been a part of the feed for 18 years, seeing the growth of so many volunteers from child to adult.  

“I got involved in Circle K because I started in elementary school with “K Kids” and Builder’s Club in middle school,” Lauren Hurt, sophomore in accounting, said. “And then I just worked my way through the years until college. I just kept going because I loved it so much. This is my second or third year participating in the pancake feed.” 

Many of the other volunteers have been coming back for years, including retired Pitt State professor Ken Gordon.  

“I come back and keep doing this pancake feed for the social companionship,” Gordon said. “Almost everybody has a smile on their face when you come here. Workers and customers alike. Everybody has a smile on their face. It’s a fun experience.” 

That fun is one of the best things for many of the volunteers. 

“The best part is seeing everyone enjoy the pancakes so much,” Hurt said. “I love seeing people I know and seeing how much they’re enjoying the feed. It’s really about seeing the whole community get together for this great cause. They’re all just having a good time eating pancakes. It’s great.” 

Although the community aspect is wonderful, the real reason all the volunteers come back is out of a sense of help for the community.  

“I do it also out of a sense of responsibility and a sense of wanting to do a good thing for the community,” Gordon said. “We’re raising money for young people – people in need or deserving people.” 

The money raised went to a variety of local nonprofits whose missions focus on helping community members- especially children. Some of the organizations include Wesley House, Children Advocacy Center, Toys For Tots, and Safehouse. Additionally, some of their money has gone to help fund international Kiwanis missions. Overall, those in Kiwanis Club feel that the pancake feed went very well and were proud of the work they were able to do for the community.  

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