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Women’s basketball defeat SOSU, UAFS

The women’s basketball team won two consecutive home games this past against Southeastern Oklahoma (71-56) and Arkansas-Fort Smith (79-57).  

Several players stood out to Head Coach Amanda Davied during the games this weekend.  

“Well, I thought we really tried to address some defensive and rebounding issues and I think that we did do better at that,” Davied said. “Athena Alvarado did a great job on the boards and forwarded with a double-double the first day and had one the second, so I’m just really proud of her effort. We also had Kaylee DaMitz, (who) had a great weekend. We got Megan Scott back, she has been out with mono and so it was really nice to see her out on the floor again. Tristan Gegg played great. The first game she had 17 points in 14 minutes, so that is just outstanding for anybody, let alone a freshman … I think that is a few of the bright spots. Kaylee DaMitz had eight assists and 15 points, I think, yesterday. Again, that is an outstanding line for anyone, let alone a freshman. So we were really excited about both of those two and getting Megan Scott back out on the floor.”  

In the match against Southeastern Oklahoma, junior Athena Alvarado made a total of seven field goals, freshman Tristan Gegg made five, and freshman Kaylee DaMitz and senior Shelby Lopez both made four. Gegg contributed three three-point field goals and DaMitz made two. Gegg scored a total of four free throws, sophomore Maya Williams made three, and junior Sydney Tracy and Lopez each made one free throw. Williams and Alvarado both made nine rebounds apiece, freshman Megan Scott made eight and DaMitz seven.  

In the game against Arkansas-Fort Smith, Alvarado made seven field goals, DaMitz and Lopez made five apiece, and Tracy made a total of three field goals. Lopez added four three-point field goals, junior Meghan Maher contributed two, and DaMitz and Tracy both had one three-point field goal apiece. DaMitz made a total of four free throws, Alvarado made two, and Lopez and Scott each had one free throw. Alvarado and Lopez both added 10 rebounds apiece, Williams made three, and DaMitz made four.  

The team will continue to improve, according to Davied.  

“We really talked a lot within our offense about just finding some continuity and rhythm,” Davied said.  “We have a lot of new players, but I think as we continue to play and see other defenses we will continue to get better and find the right shots and we did this weekend I thought …We did better against Southeastern Oklahoma as well, but mostly yesterday, I just really felt like we had great rhythm and we got to play everybody, so that was nice for them to all get in, get a shot against that team, and kind of show themselves in their home debut weekend, so I was really happy for the girls on that front.”  

Davied hopes to see continual improvement from the team leading up to next week’s game against Bethany.  

“… Mostly we are going to continue to work on us,” she said. “We are going to definitely work on our offense and defense and keep continuing to get better at communication and reacting with each other and trying to get in the same wavelength within our offense and defense. A lot of that is just so much communication on defense and then on offense a lot of it is just being able to know what to expect of your teammate, (like) when they are going to shoot it. Tristan Gegg stretched the floor so fast and has such a quick release that sometimes our girls are not even ready because they just have not played a lot with her. So I think if we continue to play and all of that, we will continue to get a better feel for each other’s style of play.”

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