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Women’s basketball defeats Northern State, falls to Minnesota-State Moorhead

The women’s basketball team played two consecutive road matches this past weekend against Northern State University and Minnesota State University Moorhead. The team defeated NSU (94-81) but lost to MSUM (55-66). 

Head coach Amanda Davied believes the team played well against Northern State.  

“I think we really distributed the ball well and we obviously shot the ball well that day,” Davied said. “We shot 50 percent for the game and then 50 percent for the three (and that) is pretty impressive. Then, of course, we made our free throws, so that helps. So, if you shoot the ball well you can score a lot of points and especially if you find the open man and make the extra path. We had 18 assists, so I think that really goes (to show) some great team basketball.”  

The loss to MSUM revealed the team’s weak spots, but also showed what they did well, according to Davied.  

“Well, let’s start with what we did not so great, and that was distribute the ball,” she said. “We only had 10 assists that second game, but there are a few things we did well. We still had a couple kids come off the bench that played well, as far as offensively. We are still making adjustments to learning on defense, but we did have Tristan Gegg come off the bench and score for us. Kaylee DaMitz, our freshman, scored for us and that got us going, finally, in that first quarter. Then we were able to catch up and stay in the game most of the game. (We) really just couldn’t get over the hump as the third and fourth quarter started; we did have some great shots, but mostly it was just that we weren’t very patient on offense.”  

Davied believes the team played well consistently against NSU, but several players stood out to her during the match against MSUM.  

“Our first game (of the weekend) we had a lot of our players … scoring, so I don’t know that I can necessarily pick one (that stood out to me),” Davied said. “It was just a really great team game. But the second game, Maya Williams did a good job on offense and then Tristan Gegg came in and gave us some points on offense. Megan Maher actually played the most consistent on offense in that game. But the biggest thing is offensive. People notice and they talk about offense, but really we must continue to get better at our defense and at our rebounding.”  

During practice this week, Davied plans to address the issues revealed during the matches this weekend and help the team learn from these games.  

“… I think when the girls see the two games compared, they will really appreciate the way they played vs. Northern State, the first game, and how well they played as a team and distributed the ball,” Davied said. “I think when they watch the Moorhead game they will see their shortcomings and the good thing is that they are smart players that have high basketball IQs and I think they will really be able to address quickly, and they will want to play more like they did against Northern State.”  

The team will go head-to-head with Southeastern Oklahoma Friday, Nov. 16 and Arkansas-Fort Smith Saturday, Nov. 17.  

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