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Food Fight: Breakfast

The food fight is back in town, and this time, it’s personal. This week, Munchy Mary headed to the beloved breakfast triumvirate of Pittsburg to see which one is best – Bob, Harry, or Otto. Which restaurant continues to make their namesake proud? First up, we headed to Harry’s to see what was cookin’. 

On the menu first was the “egg-stravagant” ham and cheese omelette with hashbrowns and toast. The omelette was a bit dry, and yes, that is a possible state for an omelette to be in. The hash browns, however, were an absolute delight – crispy and delicious. The toast was alright, but it’s toast; what was I expecting? Topping off the meal was one of Harry’s famous cinnamon rolls. With a roll as big as a toddler’s face and enough cinnamon to put someone in the hospital, this delicious treat was almost too much for this food fighter’s heart and stomach to handle.  

Next up, it was time to go over to Otto’s. A trip there leaves you reminiscent for the “good old days” that your grandparents always used to talk about. Sitting up at the bar at this delightfully old-fashioned cafe, it was hard to resist ordering a classic – biscuits and gravy. The gravy, however, made me wish I hadn’t. The biscuits were “bacon” me crazy – absolutely delicious, buttery, flaky, incredible. The gravy just made the whole thing fall flat as a pancake. After that, it was hard to resist going on. The ambience was great, and so were the biscuits, but the gravy made me pull them right out of the competition. It is worth mentioning that they had decent cinnamon rolls, but Harry’s just made the cinnamon roll fight too tough. 

Finally, it was the end of Broadway with Bob’s Grill. This Pittsburg staple was too good for words. Although the seating left a little to be desired, they can’t help it in such a small location. Luckily, their food made up for everything. First up was the breakfast burrito. A good breakfast burrito, you may be questioning. No, a fantastic breakfast burrito! And it was one of the cheapest things on the menu which made it even more appealing to the broke college student. There are multiple options with said burrito, but I went with the classic sausage burrito. The cheese was melty, the sausage was well cooked, it wasn’t too spicy, and it made me want 10 more. Even if you have 10, it still won’t break the bank! To finish out the meal was a waffle – finished off with a quick minute on the grill. 

All three restaurants have made many changes over the years from new menus to new ownership, but their strength remains the same. In this battle, however, the overwhelming winner was Bob’s. They really brought home the bacon with that burrito and that waffle. Go in through the front. Go in through the back. Just go. It’s delicious. It should be added with this battle, however, that it did come close to Munchy Mary’s first ever tie. If nothing else, go to Harry’s for those cinnamon rolls. They’ll have you rolling yourself out the door and you’ll be happy you did. Really, anywhere on Broadway for breakfast is a good deal. 

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