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Infinity scarves for infinity?

With fall weather comes not only fall clothing but also accessories, including hats and beanies, gloves, boot socks, vests, and especially scarves. Scarves can be a controversial topic when discussing the different varieties and styles—specifically infinity scarves. By reader suggestion, today’s focus is on infinity scarves. 

One of the newer editions of scarf styles in the last 10 years is the infinity scarf, though it is controversial on whether or not this specific scarf style is still in style. Since their prime début about a decade ago, a new scarf style has come within the last few years to take over the infinity scarf trend overload: the blanket scarf. While the blanket scarf has most likely been around even before the infinity scarf, it hadn’t hit the ultimate limelight until somewhat recently, booting out infinity scarves almost everywhere. Because of this, infinity scarves had to step up their game and change their style approach. 

When infinity scarves first made their appearance in the fashion game, they skyrocketed everywhere; children, teenagers, adults and anyone in between sported infinity scarves daily. These scarves were so large and such a hit with buyers that infinity scarves were produced in varying fabrics, weights, thicknesses, and warmths so people could wear them in all seasons. With that said, these scarves ranged from thick knitted wool or cotton for wintertime to thin and light polyester-rayon for summertime. Each of these styles hit the market and everyone alike cleared them off the shelves, that is until blanket scarves took over the game and knocked infinity scarves almost completely out of mind. 

As blanket scarves are essentially what the name states—large, warm fabric typically made of a heavier wool-cotton mix and when laid open doubles as a “blanket”—these became the prime fall/winter accessory because not only were they warm and comfortable, they were also extremely cute and fashionable. The small and weak-looking infinity scarf could not compare to this overpowering new accessory. Infinity scarves then began working to mimic the thick, heaviness of blanket scarves so as to hopefully find their way back on the shelves. This counteraction by infinity scarves worked for the most part, but they never found their way back in the fashion spotlight. 

For those who are thinking “I never wear scarves anyway, so what does it matter?” then you know what, continue your fall and winter looks without the scarves because, as it depends on the style—infinity, blanket, or otherwise—it’s either going to look very good or very bad. If you don’t need the scarf, layer up with long sleeves and different accessories this season for a look just as cute, fashionable, and warm. 

In comparison to today’s updating styles, specifically the blanket scarf, infinity scarves have essentially found their way to the back of closets and on clearance racks—for good reason; infinity scarves proved to not last for infinity. If you still want to sport the lost infinity scarf trend, go with one made of a thicker, warm material, as this will work best to accessorize your outfit without looking blatantly tacky. With that in mind, consider even leaving the scarf at home this year, or at least until that winter wind hits proclaiming it true scarf time. 

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