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President Trump rallies voters in Sunflower State

President Donald Trump visited Kansas for the first time as President to hold a rally located in the state capital, Topeka. 

More than 10,000 people fit into the Kansas Expocentre to hear the President speak, lasting more than an hour, on a wide variety of topics from the recently confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, to other political topics like immigration, taxes, and more.  

“It means the world to me personally to see the president of the United States actually care about Kansas,” Kaden Wimmer, president of Pitt State College Republicans, said. “Kansas is a state that does not come across minds so for out of his way, especially on the day when the Senate is voting on Brett Kavanaugh, to come to Kansas for this rally. It means the world that he truly cares for this state and all Kansans.” 

Kavanagh’s confirmation lead the rally and elicited large cheers with the vote passing couple hours prior to the event’s 6:30 p.m. start time. Trump opened the rally by calling the vote “a tremendous victory for our nation, our people and our beloved Constitution.” He later said the vote energized Republicans and will lead to votes in the upcoming midterm elections. 

This lead into the President’s other objective in Kansas. Trump visited Kansas to campaign for Republicans Kris Kobach, gubernatorial candidate, and Steve Watkins, Kansas second district congressional candidate. Both candidates are in close races with their Democrat competitors Lauren Kelly and Paul Davis, respectively. 

“With Trump coming into Kansas, I feel like it gave a really big boost to the party and to the candidates that we represent,” Wimmer said. “For the President to come and rally all Republicans and truly show what Secretary Kobach and Steve Watkins can do, it was amazing because I think it truly rallied the party and gave the extra boost to sprint to the finish line.” 

Both Candidates were given the chance to take the stage briefly in an attempt to connect themselves with the President and audience. 

Kobach discussed topics like voter suppression and immigration reform. 

“Stopping illegal aliens is not just about jobs,” Kobach said. “It’s not just about crime. It’s about our nation’s security. And, that comes first.”  

Kobach concluded his speech by saying, “I want to do for Kansas what President Trump has done for America.” 

Watkins followed, though with less stage time. Watkins spoke to connect himself to the President with the statement “I’m a ‘build the wall’ guy,” but did not receive similar cheers from the crowd as Kobach or Trump. 

The rally’s actions were not strictly inside the Expocentre, as protestors lined the street of the rally, holding signs to show their displeasure with the President. Vendors intermixed with the protestors, selling various merchandise.   

This rally leads up to Nov. 6 when voters will hit the polls. Early voting will also take place on campus for Crawford County residents Nov. 1 in the Overman Student Center. 


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