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How to apply false lashes that last all day

False lashes can be super fun and can instantly change your makeup look. Whether long, thick, short, or thin, lashes are one of the main things that bring the entire makeup look together. The only issue with them, well, they’re sometimes a pain to put on and an even bigger pain to keep on.  

I usually wear my natural lashes because they’re pretty long, however, when I’m feeling adventurous I’ll pop those false lashes on. For years I would struggle trying to find a way to keep them on all day or make sure they weren’t poking me in my eye. With much trial and tribulation, I found a method that seems to come through for me every time.  

The first thing I do is find a nice set of mink lashes. Mink lashes resemble human eyelashes so you can get any kind of lash look while it still looking fairly natural. After grabbing some mink lashes I round the lining. This can be done by grabbing each end of the lash with one of your hands and moving them back and forth one at a time while the lash is in a semi-circle shape. This process will help mold the lash to the shape of your eye and soften up that lining.  

Next is glue. Make sure to get a high quality lash glue DUO, Ardell, or Darkness False Lashes. These are a great price and high quality that enhance the lashes to stay on all day and will dry transparent. Getting nice glue will insure no flaking or irritation on the skin as well. Some cheaper quality glues dry green, blue, or white, sometimes ruining your makeup look. These cheaper quality glues can also cause rashes, which we don’t want. When putting glue on the lash put one coat along the lining. Letting this first layer of glue dry down until it is tacky will be important so that it gives a strong holding base. Once it is tacky, go in with the second layer and let it get tacky as well. What you will want to do next is grab the lashes, either with your fingers or tweezers, and gently place it to the middle of your lash line.  

Once the lashes are placed, go ahead and place the ends of the lashes, making sure it is as close to your natural lashes as possible. Pressing the false lashes to your real ones will be crucial to blend the two. Gently pressing the two together will secure your false lashes and make them look like they’re your own. Follow these steps with a great coat of mascara to blend further and seal the deal, and make sure to put a coat on those bottom lashes.  

Getting the hang of this method may take some practice but it’ll be well worth it when you step out to a party and come back still fully intact, at least your lashes will be. 



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