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How to dress up a T-shirt

As college life goes, the simplest outfit to throw together at last minute is the average T-shirt-jeans combination. Especially with fall finally approaching, this ensemble will become the most worn of the season. With that said, don’t just be one of the crowd in your average T-shirt and blue jeans, instead make it something new, cute, and fun! 

Fashion is not fashion without its key concept: layering. This is the key for not only fall but also every other season—but especially fall. Fall is the time of year you can really play around with outfit choices and layering specifically. Fall layers feature sweater overthrows, scarves, jean jackets, cardigans, and so much more! From this, there are numerous ways to boost your simple T-shirt fall look this year. 

To begin, lets assume each outfit’s base is composed of an average unisex T-shirt and regular blue jeans. When dressing up that average T-shirt—whether it’s a college tee, sport tee, event tee, or otherwise—start by assessing the weather for that day, as that will greatly influence what layers you will choose. For typical chilly fall days, almost any layer will work great. 

The first option is the sweater overthrow-boot combination. This is a standard fall look, as the boots will keep your toes warm as well as give the overall look a more “I tried” vibe and the sweater shouts “FALL.” To fit more toward the fall ambiance, go with a pair of dark brown ankle or knee-high boots and a complementary sweater color like mustard yellow, olive green, or maroon. If you want to add an even further fancy look, slip on a comfy and soft, fall-like scarf. You now not only got ready in 10 minutes tops, but also only had to pick about three items to have to match. 

Another idea for dressing up a T-shirt, such as if you want to go for that more professional-teacher look but still want to stay comfy, all you really need are a couple items. Toss on your favorite cardigan—a neutral color works great with almost anything (like black, gray, or white) or be a bit more bold with a different solid color—just make sure it matches or compliments the shirt. Pair with this cardigan a pair of simple and cute ballet flats or heels, such as wedges or booties. To pull this look together slip on a somewhat bulky necklace, or go without if a simpler look is preferred. 

Another simple option for dressing up an average T-shirt is to pair a fabric blazer with the shirt and jeans—gray blazers look great with almost anything, though try a bolder color if you prefer. Complete this look by pinning your hair up, letting some strands fall around your face, and slip on a cute and simple thick headband or bandana and feet into lace-up shoes like Vans or Converse. This ensemble creates an overall professional yet punk look anyone could (and should) rock. 

Other simple layering options include jean jackets, button-up flannels, jean or fabric vests, boho-chic felt hats, and boot socks. Adding even one or two of these many options to an outfit can significantly improve and change the look and overall ambiance. 

Basically, in summation, when dressing up that T-shirt stay away from typical, boring athletic shoes like Nikes, etc. and regular jackets like Columbia or North face, as these radiate casualness. If these typical casual options are what fill your closet, then try getting out of your comfort zone this fall and find new cuter ways to dress while still staying comfy. You never know if you’d like it until you try; you might regret it if you don’t! 

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