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Michelle Fowler, owner, and her family cut the ribbon for opening day of Main Street Axe Co. on Saturday, Sept. 15. The building was full to congratulate and welcome the new business in Pittsburg. Laikyn Long

Main Street Axe Company opens in Pittsburg

Main Street Axe Company officially opened doors on Saturday, Sept. 15th 

For the event, there was a grand opening ceremony and the new business invited the Pittsburg community to throw an axe for themselves. The event started at 1 p.m, and lasted until 11 p.m.  

Michelle Fowler, owner and operator of Main Street Axe Company, moved from southern California to Pittsburg with her husband and their two daughters about two years ago. Then, she came up with this as she wanted to bring something new to Pittsburg. 

“We wanted to bring a really fun and unique environment to Pittsburg, and I got this idea a few months ago, and we just decided to go for it. It’s really kind of an addictive thing. You get a lot of adrenaline and have a lot of fun playing the sport of axe throwing. It is gaining in popularity quickly, so we thought why not make Pittsburg part of this trend,” Fowler said. 

After giving her welcome speech, she threw the first axe in front of the invited patrons applause. After her, guests decided to join in the axe throwing, including Buck Rowland of Arma, Kansas. 

“I have been throwing for 30-40 years and I am really interested and excited about it,” Rowland said. 

Urban axe throwing, as a sport, began in Canada, according to Fowler, and spread to the rest of North America. She mentioned that she would like to start an axe-throwing league in Pittsburg. The rules and regulations for the league would come from the World Axe-Throwing League. 

“I am so excited! I am very thrilled at the turnout. The community has been excited. Every time someone messages me or call me about the store, it just helps me work harder the next day and hurry up and get it done,” said Fowler. 

Fowler also added that many axe-throwing outfits also act as bars, and that she has a pending liquor license. 

“This is my daughter’s place and it is family. That is why I am here for her. It is an activity I don’t do all the time, but I do enjoy it. I am absolutely enjoying the event. I have been meeting new people, and having a really good time,” Mark Olszewski, Fowler’s father, said. 

“It sounds amazing and fun and I am excited to see something like this come to Pittsburg. I think we needed something like this, a great place for events like corporate events or just community events for people to come and check it out and get a feel of how it like is to throw an axe. It is brand new for me, but I would like to try” said Haley Pryor of Pittsburg. 

Main Street Axe Company is open Wednesday to Sunday, and interested patrons may book a room for leagues, team building or family and friends to hangout. It is located at 216 S. Broadway, and more information can be found through their official Facebook and Instagram pages. 


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