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How to make a wig look like your natural hair

On those days when you want a protective style, or just a new look, wigs are a fun way to go. However, with wigs there can be hair that doesn’t look natural. Depending on where you buy your wig from, or if you make your own wig, the hair may even look overgrown.  

However, this small inconvenience should not stop you from rocking those wigs! Whether long, short, curly, or straight, you can make that wig look like your natural hair with just a few tips. 

The first tip is to make sure to have your hair braided back as flat as possible and putting a wig cap on. Having your braids as flat as possible will let the wig sit flat against the head, enhancing a natural look.  

The next trick is to shift toward having a front lace wig, 360 frontals, or closure. These wigs allow for you to adjust and part to your liking. With 360 wigs, they allow for this kind of adjustment all around the head, unlike a frontal or closure that only allows in the middle or from ear to ear. 

The next tip you want to do is to put on your wig and examine. In this process you will want to have some tweezers as well as an eyebrow archer and comb. Go through the wig to see where you may want to have parts, usually the most natural-looking areas are the middle and sides. Go through these areas with your comb, make the part, and begin to lightly arch the area.  

After every couple strokes, stop to comb through the area to get rid of hairs that have been arched. Do this on each area you want parted.  

Once that is completed go through with the tweezers and pluck around the part to give a more natural scalp-look to the wig. Make sure that if you have a 360 frontal to follow this same process all around the closure. Going through plucking and arching in baby hair and getting them gelled down will also add to the natural look. 

Once the plucking process is finished you will want to give it a nice comb-through to remove any fallen hair from the wig and begin to manipulate the hair. Depending on the hair pattern of the wig, there are different ways to give your wig that natural look.  

For curly hair, wetting and putting on a conditioner or moisturizer will give the curls on the wig a defined curl along with a great natural sign. For wavy or straight hair, taking a flat iron and straightening the area by where you chose your part will flatten the area to look as if it’s growing from your scalp.  

Once these steps are complete, you should make sure to get another comb-through and you’ll be ready to hit the town and rock that natural hair—wink, wink. 

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