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How to get that fall aesthetic in 90 degree heat

Everyone and their dog are furiously waiting for fall’s arrival. Not only is everyone tired of summer and its unbearable heat, but so are their wardrobes. When September came running around the corner, so did fall, whether this Kansas heat agrees or not. It’s fall now, so it’s time to start dressing like it, but how do you accomplish this in 80 and 90 (almost 100) degree heat? 

Even though fall’s chill is still hibernating from the summer, dressing for fall in crazy heat is still possible. The key is to stick with the typical fall colors and aspects, such as layering. Though, as layering can become quite hot and stifling (even more so in this obnoxious heat), you must know the proper way to layer without giving yourself a heat stroke. 

The key to layering in heat is to stick with light, breathable fabrics. In normal, chilly, fall times, jean jackets are great additions to almost any outfit, yet this same mindset can work even right now. With that said, instead of throwing on your heavy, denim jean jacket, go with an imitation “jean” jacket made of lighter fabric like a cotton/polyester/rayon blend. Along with this, pairing it with an oversized polyester-blend T-shirt will create a breathable combination that if it is too hot to keep the jacket on, you can wrap it around your waist and still look fall-like. Pair this with a looser pair of jeans, possibly ripped (which will add air flow) or a casual pair of jean shorts. If you choose to pair this combination with shorts, focus on creating a fall ambiance within your top, and layers will counterbalance the summery shorts. Or, if you prefer skirts instead of shorts, slip on your favorite fall-like skirt and graphic tee, and finish with a lightweight pair of tights—whether patterned or not, both work great—then rock the heat feeling cute, casual, and breezy. 

Another option is to simply stick with fall colors, as this will certainly create a more fall-like mindset than summer colors. Since summer colors are typically lighter and brighter—such as bright yellows, blues, pinks, etc.—and fall colors are more dark and faded—such as maroons, olive greens, mustard yellow, burnt orange—a focus on color will make a big difference. With this, one way to accomplish a different fall outfit variation for the heat is to begin with a pair of looser, ripped jeans. These jeans will become the base for the outfit, acting as the canvas as colors are thrown in addition; wear these jeans at full length or roll the bottom up one or two times to create a cuff and more air flow. Add to this, a fall-colored tank top, or spaghetti strap top; each of these options will look somewhat fall-like, providing better air flow, but still create a cute and reasonable outfit. 

Complete your newly defined fall “heat” look with a pair of lightweight or typical sturdy fall boots. If you want to add some additional personality to your overall outfit ambiance, first slip into some fun and cute crew socks of your choice (as in patterned socks, not sports socks like Nike), and scrunch them down to where they show just an inch or two above the boot. 

Head out into this heat with a new fall mindset and own this unbearably stifling heat and let your outfit shout “Fall!” 

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