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Drawing a line in the sand-wich

Munchy Mary food fighter

Some food rivals are able to maintain their own dominions all the way across town from each other, while others have to spend their days across the street staring in and wondering what customer has betrayed them by going to the dark side that day. Subway and Jimmy John’s have dealt with such a rivalry since Jimmy John’s first opened, but it’s time to find out, in the battle of food neighbors. Who is the Krusty Krab and who is the Chum Bucket? Which sandwich is part of the upper crust? Which one will be the breadwinner? You get the gist. 

Age before beauty, Subway was the first on the ticket, and this writer was certainly ready to “Eat Fresh.” Though Subway does have a wide variety of new wraps that looked simply delicious, I was ready for an old favorite: a meatball marinara sub. The melty parmesan and scrumptious juicy meatballs were just like I always wished mama had made. On top of all that, there were so many options for vegetables and a variety of cheeses and extra meats. The prices weren’t anything to scoff at either. If there were any problems with Subway, it would be the bread. While they certainly don’t lack in variety, they certainly lack in flavor and what I was told was fresh was more stale than a 10-year-old untouched storage unit.  

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away was the next competitor—Jimmy John’s. Immediately they received an A for atmosphere, although one of the biggest perks likely would have been their “freaky fast” delivery. Right away their variety was a noticeable downgrade from Subway, but only in the lack of customizability. However, this idea was certainly not half-baked. Their weren’t as many options to customize your sandwich, but this made the decision much easier. Up to the food fight task was number five: a perfect italian. This sandwich certainly lived up to its name. Though I definitely couldn’t pronounce one of the ingredients, that did not detract from its insanely delicious flavor.  

One of the biggest downfalls of Jimmy John’s is that their lack of variety of sandwiches is made up for by a variety of calories. On average, each sandwich at “the J’s” (as I’m sure some cool kid out there must call it) contains about twice as many calories as a sandwich at Subway. While Jimmy John’s does have the option to scoop out some of the bread to make it more healthy, is it really worth it to lose that delicious bread? Another perk is that Jimmy John’s has eight inch sandwiches while Subway only uses six inch sandwiches. Does this finally answer the age old question of whether or not size does matter? 

In the end, Subway won out. Although their bread was sub-par, they made up for it in every other area of the restaurant. This place is paradise for someone looking for a reasonably priced healthy option with too many choices to count. It may be a small market, but they are surely out there somewhere ready for a taste of Subway. Stop loafing around and just crust me, they don’t knead any better endorsement. 

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