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Gracie Ruble, sophomore in communications, and Xiaoquing Shen, senior in electronic engineering, meet Dr. Bing Villegas from Neodesha, Kansas. Students and the community enjoyed the Maker’s Market event at Pritchett Pavilion. Neha Montojo

Pittsburg Makers Market showcases makers’ material 

Local artists got a chance to show off their wares at the Pittsburg Makers Market Saturday, Sept. 8. 

The market took place at the Pritchett Pavillion in Immigrant Park on the corner of Broadway and Second. Patrons of the Makers Market visited more than 20 different booths, operated by both local business owners, such as Heather Horton of Sweet Designs Cakery, as well as independent artists like Kristin Girard of Kristin’s Laboratory. 

“This gives an outlet for anyone to create,” Girard said. “Not everyone can sell their things at Wal-Mart so this is an opportunity to put their wares on display.” 

Girard’s particular ware she presented was jewelry created via electroforming. 

“You take an organic piece and you seal it up with a conductive paint,” she said. “Then you hook it up to electricity and copper will jump from the anode to the piece you’re electroforming.”  

Girard used various items for the products on display at the Market, including chicken feathers and gemstones. She was inspired to focus in electroforming because it was a something new among the makers crowd. 

“I had seen it done and I really liked it, but there weren’t very many people in this area doing it,” Girard said. “I was trying to find something unique for me to do.” 

In addition to owning Kristin’s Laboratory, Girard also works with Artforms Gallery in Pittsburg. 

“I work with what others do as well, in the stringing, the forging, the metalsmithing,” she said. “With the electroforming I had to teach myself, learn about it, read about it.” 

While studying her craft, Girard has also received the opportunity to connect with artists from around the world. 

“It’s common enough that there are some Facebook groups, but in terms of physical location, they are few and far between,” she said. 

Girard added that the Makers Market is a great way for artists to connect with other local makers. The original Makers Market was organized by friends Janelle Cowan and Kelsey Harshman. 

“I’m happy with the turnout, we’ve had a steady flow of people,” Harshman said. 

Harshman lives in Columbus, Ohio, and travels to Pittsburg specifically for the Makers Market. 

“I go to craft shows myself in bigger cities and just wanted to bring handmade to Pittsburg,” she said. 

Harshman is also an artisan, dealing primarily in repurposing materials and embroidery.  

“It’s all about local handmade items, bringing it to the community that people can experience it,” she said. “We have other shows like the Art Walk. It’s all about just sharing the art with our community.” 

Harshman also mentioned the upcoming Pittsburg Holiday Market that will take place Saturday, Nov. 24. Market vendors will sell and showcase similar wares to the items displayed at both the Art Walk and Makers Market. The holiday-themed event will include refurbished furniture items, specially designed arts and crafts, gifts made from recycled material and organic farmers. The Holiday Market will take place at the Barn at Timber Cove in Pittsburg from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with free admission. 



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