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Kickin’ it with autumn boots

As fall slowly emerges to chill the summer air, likewise boots and booties emerge again as well. This fall, as with most falls, boots and booties will dominate the fashion game, though this year expect something new. 

This fall season will bring back the often overlooked pointed-toe style. While round toes will still walk the autumn ground, pointed toes will dominate. With this in mind, booties will also take on a new change compared to past seasons’ typical bootie. This year, stay on the lookout for a more simplistic styled bootie featuring no shoestrings or other fancy additives, simply an almost unnoticeable zipper. These booties vary greatly from past booties, as the past bootie style included a wedge heel and was often suede. This season’s bootie is shaped to the foot and reaches mid to lower shin. 

This simplistic style bootie not only has changed its shape but has also changed its material, in both color and print. This bootie, instead of the typical suede, often features velvet, slick/water resistant types—such as faux leather—and other odds-and-ends materials like glitter or snakeskin. Added to the bootie’s look, they often will sport either one singular color or print across the entire bootie. This quality makes them easy and fun to pair with outfits, as they can act as a pop of color, spice up a bland outfit with intriguing designs—like floral and tapestry prints—or add to an already exciting ensemble. 

Compared to the typical wedge heel design from past seasons, this year’s bootie is composed of a chunky, thick heel instead. This heel radiates a feeling of power like the wearer can really take on the world—this addition also allows the wearer to walk easier than in most heels. Find these styled booties from designers such as Carolina Herrera, Tabitha Simmons, Paul Smith, Tory Burch, and more. Overall, anyone can rock these heels but it will take confidence—and it will ensue confidence as well! 

Along with this season’s featured bootie, the larger boots run amuck as well, though also sporting a pointed toe (for the most part). This year brings back the old-timey western style in many creative ways, but this does not mean cowboy boots necessarily. This season takes a cute and modern twist to the typical western boot. 

This season, ankle boots will run the boot show, each taking the western style its own way. Many of these western boots each feature—as part of their own specific personalized styles—the accentuated pointed toe, oftentimes elastic as an additive on the boots’ sides or another design to allow the boots to stretch, and a western design on the top of the foot/front of the boot. To finish the style, each features that small, western-y, slanted black heel seen on typical cowboy boots, giving the boots their distinctive western style unlike any other. Often these boots are found as either a solid-colored suede, snakeskin, or faux leather. Find these styled boots from designers such as Calvin Klein, Marc Fisher, Zara, Steve Madden, and more. 

Catch these boots and booties strutting through the crisp leaves this year and radiating the fall ambiance with every step. Don’t just slip into last year’s boots and booties, take this season’s and make them your own. Let your feet steal the show this fall. 

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