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How to make your eyeshadows pop 

When it comes to eyeshadows, getting the shadows to have a vivid pop like how they look in a palette does not always happen. When this happens, the shadow can often come off looking ashy or dull. This issue is often something those of darker complexions and undertones face when purchasing makeup from brands that only cater to a certain amount of skin tones.  

In my experience, I have found four ways that help with this issue, relieving me of purchasing an eyeshadow palette with ashy shadows. The first step I found was to lay a base of primer down on your eyelids. This trick helps for getting concealers and shadows to stick to the lid as well as pop. 

The second trick is to conceal the lid. For cool and light colors, using a white, light brown, or pale peachy colored concealer will make the eyeshadow pop due to the undertone of the base. Sometimes concealing with the same color as your shadow will help as well. If you have a cherry red color, a red base will work. Cosmetic companies like MAC even sell paint pots that cater to matching lid bases to eyeshadows.  

The third tip concerns getting those darker colors to pop. Depending on the company, a white or pale concealer base will work for deep colors like purple, black, brown smoky eyes, or a nice burgundy. However, some brands need a darker base tone for their deeper colors. Juvia’s Place is one of the brands that sometimes need a darker base for some of the colors in their palettes. To solve this issue, going with a black concealer stick or black cream eye stick will give those colors the undertone they need to pop.  

The forth tip is to conceal as you go. You do not want to conceal your entire eyelid with a concealer that does not match your skintone because your entire lid will not get fully covered in eyeshadow that needs to pop, in some cases. Being sure to conceal the sections of the lid with the correct colors as you go through your makeup look, especially when using multiple vibrant colors in your look or matte and glitter shadow mixed looks. This will save you from having a makeup look from popping in all the wrong ways.  

These are just a few tips for those needing a little extra pop to their colorful eyeshadows, however there are many more. If you need more help picking out concealers or matching the undertones to your shadows, you can always get help from someone at your local makeup store. If you want to take it a step further, go ahead and take some time out to play with your makeup and get some swatches to test what tone of concealer you feel matches to the vividness you desire. The most important part about this is to make sure to have fun with all your colors and be sure to slay your look. 



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