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Pizza pizazz

Munchy Mary food fighter 

 It’s time for the food battle you have all waited for. The battle to end all battles. Though, this won’t really be the last battle, that is just something people say for dramatic effect. The battle of the week is Dominos “Dueling Dice” Pizza versus Pizza “The Hut” Hut.  

The two have gone back and forth for years. Pittsburg may host other pizza locations, but none with a rivalry as strong as these two competitors. The people of Pittsburg have watched their signs and their taunts toward each other for too long. Who is really the best? We’ll see as these two restaurants battle for a “pizza” this writer’s heart.  

First up is Dominos. The choice of the day is a large pizza covered with only their best choice of pepperonis. When choosing a great pizza, ask not what you can do for the pizza but what its toppings can do for you, and man those pepperonis were really the top! The thick crust was almost a winner all on its own, but the salty goodness of the sauce and cheese were well worth it to keep going. To keep the competition fair, wings were added to the plate. Unfortunately, they did not bring their A Game. The wings were a B at best and probably could not have survived on their own without exorbitant amounts of ranch. Overall, the prices were decent, the service was fast, and the pizza was fantastic, even if the wings did not live up to the pizza’s legacy.  

Next up was the newest challenger in the ring, the brand new Pizza Hut. Though it probably goes without saying, I’ll say it anyway, this place is swanky. It just may have been worth getting rid of the two most recent editions of Pizza Hut. The jury was still out, however, on the quality of the food. First up was the pizza: a classic yet oh so daring pepperoni. The thick crust was almost too much to handle and the sauce was sweet in the best way possible. Pizza Hut may not be true Italian, but that slice sure had me saying “Mamma Mia, hand me another!” The only thing that could have made it better was if the crust had been softer and the pepperonis hadn’t been slightly burnt. The final taste test was the wings—juicy yet too saucy for this writer’s taste. This was one wing I would not stop for. 

The pizza still kept the Hut in the running, though. This new joint wasn’t anything to scoff at overall. They stepped up their pace when putting the new Pizza Hut in place, but that short time did not mean they slumped on the quality of training and food service. 

Overall Pizza Hut and Dominos put up a great fight and both restaurants made it hard to pick a winner. However, they huffed and they puffed and they couldn’t blow them over—the Dominos stood strong. I don’t want to be too cheesy, but that pizza really put some “pepperoni” in my step. They were well worth the artery-clogging pizza. Every battle must come to an end eventually and those Dominos emerged victorious.  

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