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Trivia Night in the U-Club

PSU students gathered for trivia night in the U-Club Saturday, Aug. 25, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. At the trivia night students had the opportunity to enjoy free nachos and a drink while playing a fun game of trivia with a chance of winning T-shirts and cash.  

Students participating in the trivia night could either pair up in teams or play as an individual. One team named “The Ravens” showed their excitement for the trivia night by wearing matching shirts. Two of the team members, Dylon Villines, junior in pre-law, and Karl Wittenburg, junior in biology, commented on the set-up of the trivia night and how they brought some old school spirit back to the game. Villines said trivia was something they have been able to do in their college career. 

“We went to Coffeyville community college for our first two years and we were blessed to have Tamica Harol, who was our coach, give us a scholarship,” Villines said. “For two years we roughed through and we played quiz bowl, we won state once, were runner ups again and it was life-changing.”  

Although the trivia night provided various prizes, including cash, getting paid for the game of trivia was nothing new to these two. 

“When we say we got paid to do it we mean that literally in every sense,” Wittenburg said. “We actually got paid and not just for college. Since we won state and then came second the next year they also sent us checks for that.”  

Contrary to Wittenburg, for Villines the money was not the significant part about trivia. Instead, the chance to travel across the country to different cities and states stood out to him. 

“We got a free trip to Chicago,” Villines said. “That was the best part. The money didn’t really matter, but Chicago did.”  

Though, having the opportunity to participate at a national championship like that took the cake for both Wittenburg and Villines. 

Trivia night for Villines and Wittenburg was more than a regular night of trivia, it was also a trip down memory lane. Villines said after finding out about the PSU trivia night he immediately spread the word to his friends to join the fun. 

“I saw it on twitter and was like whoa!” he said. “Then I sent it to the group chat and then we coordinated our shirts.” 

Trivia Night isn’t the only only PSU event publicized on Twitter and other social media, follow organizations like Campus Activities Center (CAC), Gorilla Activities Board (GAB), and more for updates on upcoming events. Also check the Pitt State event calendar for added events. 


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