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Dan Rader, junior in web attractive media, and Sierra Jones, has a water duel during Water Wars Friday, Aug. 24. The two learned about the event through advertizents posted on dormitory notice boards and wanted to come to cool down.

RHA makes a splash on Tanner Lawn

The first Friday of the semester, freshmen among other students participated in a water war on the Tanner Hall Lawn. Resident Hall Assembly (RHA) hosted the water wars as a finale to their week-long Banana Bash featuring fun and interactive events for dorm residents.  

“We haven’t discussed whether or not we’ll do it annually yet, but Banana Bash is something we do annually, I believe it will be something that will be integrated into Banana Bash,” said Halle Hewitt, RHA program communication communicator and sophomore in elementary education unified.  

RHA hosts Banana Bash each year during the first week of classes as a way to help freshmen get involved in school, make friends, and to learn about RHA.  

“It was supposed to be a social program, so people came out, had fun, and then a way to get freshmen engaged in RHA,” said Carson King, RHA nationals communications coordinator and senior in geography. 

This year’s Banana Bash began with a Glo Rave dance Saturday, Aug. 18 for freshmen after move-in day. Following was a Grocery Carnival and to end their week they hosted the Water Wars. 

“Well, we decided we wanted to do something outside and I said water balloons and so we decided to go with water wars,” King said. 

While RHA holds Banana Bash every year, this was a trial run for the water wars. 

“We do the week of events annually but this is the first week we did a water war,” King said. 

Students could participate in the water wars in an assortment of ways, such as with sponges, water buckets, and water guns. Students sprayed each other with water gun, used sponges to drench one another, and even dumped a water buckets on an unsuspecting friends. 

“The people that did attend it really enjoyed it, they stayed for a long time and they like just kind of played around and shot each other with water guns and ended up dumping like whole buckets of water on each other, so they had a lot of fun,” Hewitt said. 

With a handful of students in attendance, they each had the opportunity to have fun outside and wind down after their first week of classes.  

“I had a lot of fun and I think everybody who showed up had a lot of fun,” King said. 

RHA is a way for students who live in the residence halls to get involved in residence hall living and events hosted throughout the year. Freshmen can join their hall council in their dorm and if they further choose, become involved in RHA.  

“So you have to live in the halls, but when I was a freshman last year and I was the treasurer for my hall council and a group of the executive board of your hall council, so the treasurer, the vice president, the RHA representative, and the staff liaison all attend RHA as a group and we’re essentially an assembly of all of the halls and we all work together, like work on programs together as well as like keep in the know about assemblies,” Hewitt said. 

RHA also hosts fundraisers to raise money for events they hold so they can afford supplies, such as the water guns and sponges for the water wars. 

“We have a budget that comes through housing as well as doing concessions at home football games, so that money goes to supporting our events and so we got the supplies through Wal-Mart through that money,” Hewitt said. 




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