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Phillips 66 representative, Elysse Wiseman, shares internship opportunities with Keira Keegan, sophomore in accounting, on Wednesday, Aug. 29. Phillips 66 employs over 14,000 people globally.

Phillips 66 Day

Phillips 66 visited the Kelce College of Business on Wednesday, August 29th at Kelce Room 121 to share information about the company and to give the business students an opportunity to talk with their employees to learn about the company the part-time and full-time jobs they offer to the students. 

The company talked to students about recruiting for Finance and Accounting intern to full-time hires. Elysse Wiseman, technology FNPA analyst graduated from Pitt State and worked for Philips 66 for seven years, said, “we work for Phillips 66 for a growing energy manufacturing Logistics Company we have accounting and finance rolls right now available, we’re looking for students who can come in and have a divers thought and be able to apply their skills in their study field to these roles.”  

Chika Leyda, supervisor for Pipeline terminal accounting also graduated from Pitt State and worked for Phillips 66 for eleven years, said, “we like to connect and network between our company and Pitt State business students and we want to make sure we have good local connection with our home university and hometown with our company.” 

Leyda, said, “we are located in Bartlesville, OK, so we would prefer to hire students from Pitt State because the company’s headquarter is in Houston, TX so we would like to hire Students that are close the Oklahoma instead of bringing students down from Houston which is a little bit challenging for them.”  

Kira Keegan, sophomore in accounting, said, “I’m just looking around and seeing what there is for possible internships for the future when I start looking for one so I’m just keeping my options open. I currently work at one of the Phillips 66 gas stations as a clerk so that’s my only knowledge about Phillip 66 at the moments and I’d like to know what kind of business operations and opportunities they have for students from Pitt State.”  

David Hogard, Director of Academic Advising at Kelce College of Business, said, “for companies that come to the fairs and are looking into recruiting business students, I help promote to our Kelce College of Business to our students who those companies are, and help the career services to connect those companies with our department and our students to become a bit more prepared for careers and so that’s the goal.”  

Phillips 66 company is the premier sponsor for the career resource center, that’s why its name is the Phillips 66 career resource center. Mindy Cloninger, Director of the Career Services, said, “we appreciate their sponsorship in a huge way always super happy to have them on campus and they are a great model for other employers in terms of coming to campus and spending a couple of days, and they’ll be back on meet the firms, so they understand the idea of coming and spending time, being visible and interacting with students in various ways is a really great way to build a partnership between Philips 66 and our students, so it’s always a fun day to have them on campus.”  






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