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Rion Huffman, assisant professor in graphics and Imaging technology, accepts a donation from Ed Miller, cousin of Brittney Feuerborn and member of Knights of Columbus, on Sunday, Aug. 26. The money will go towards the Crimson Creative Awards scholarship to continue Feuerborn’s legacy.

Knights of Columbus presents memorial scholarship

A member of the Greeley Knights of Columbus visited Pittsburg for a check presentation about Brittney’s memorial scholarship for $1,000. Brittney was a PSU student, president of Gamma Epsilon Tau organization, and was also creator of the Crimson Creative Awards (CCAs) in 2016 as a senior in graphics & imaging technologies (GIT). After her passing, her parents awarded a $2,000 scholarship in her name, a scholarship that they plan to continue each year. 

“The scholarship was set up by Britney’s parents Cliff and Karen Feuerborn,” said Rion Huffman, GIT associate professor. “They set it up last year in January of 2017 and this past April it was the first time it was awarded, and it a $2,000 award for best in show winner at the CCAs.” 

Huffman said the competition is open for all PSU students and judged by outside judges. Those judges come together to make a consensus on what piece of work was the best, and the overall best in show award wins the scholarship money in Brittney’s honor. 

“Britney’s vision for this was that any and all PSU students are creative in nature even though power discipline for design, printing, photography, and things like that students were thought up to be creative,” Huffman said. 

Huffman said while he was her advisor he knew Brittney well, describing her as an exceptionally ambitious person and that “she was a sparkling star.” 

“She knew what to do while she was in school to put herself in the best position to attain those goals,” he said. “She was also one of the most personal people around as she always had a smile on her face you’d walk up to her and you just felt like she was your friend even if you never met her before … she was someone that everyone wants to be friends with and she really communicated really well with people when she was the president of our organization Gamma Epsilon Tau.” 

Huffman got to know Brittney’s personality further through Gamma Epsilon Tau from her leadership style. 

“I will never forget the very first night our very first meeting when she was president,” he said. “Instead of getting down to business and going off to the meeting agenda and everything she brought a quiz word, it was like a game and get everyone in the circle and we played this game for like 30 minutes … because some people didn’t know each other and that she wanted to make sure the people were comfortable with each other. … That was my experience with Brittney, always ready to go a step above always ready to do whatever she needed to do for someone else.” 

Ed Miller, deputy grand knight of Greeley Knights of Columbus, was part of the group presenting the memorial scholarship check  

“The Knights of Columbus are the largest Catholic Men’s group in the world, we have over 1.96 million members,” Miller said. “In Greeley we have 150 members.”  

Miller said that the knights of Columbus were founded in 1882 to help widows and orphans when the primary breadwinner passed away. Miller emphasized Brittney’s humility through her involvement with the community, a noticeable trait. 

“She was a life of any family function that (we) had in our small community,” Miller said. “She was always right there having a good time loving her life because that who she was, and the same goes with her family, especially her two nieces that were born shortly before she passed away. That right there, outside of her career … that was her life right there.” 




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