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A group of children from Pittsburg gather together to make a sculpture from pipe cleaners at the Broadway Street. The community enjoyed the artwalk on Friday, Aug. 24.

Downtown hosts Pittsburg Art Walk

Downtown Pittsburg was temporary home to artisans and performers alike at the Pittsburg Art Walk, Friday, Aug. 24. 

“It brings more knowledge of what we have to offer in this community,” said Crista Cunningham, Art Walk event organizer. Cunningham was in charge of designing promotional materials for the Art Walk, including the T-shirts sold during the festival. 

The Art Walk showcased many types of art including synchronized dance, music of varying styles, hand-crafted jewelry and ceramics, and visual arts such as paintings and sketches. Many of these artists set up stations so Art Walk visitors could purchase their products. Cunningham also said that the Art Walk is a “massive cultural benefit” to Pittsburg State students. 

“We sent out a form and anybody who wanted to could get involved,” she said. “Many of these vendors are local and we’re so glad to have them as part of this experience.” 

Pittsburg holds the Art Walk semiannually, once in August and once in April, though can vary from year to year 

“I come to most of the activities downtown and this is one of my favorites,” said Denissa Rivas, professor of music. “The jewelry has become so much different from other Art Walks.”  

Rivas said she walked the entirety of the festival and finding many unique wares by the vendors. 

“They had these little keychains made from the ends of colored pencils, which were just fabulous, and these necklaces made from reused forks,” she said. “It’s really just marvelous, the art down here.” 

Rivas, much like Cunningham, thought the Art Walk is primarily about the “hidden culture” here in Pittsburg. 

“You get to see what these local artists express themselves through,” Rivas said. “It could be your means of sustaining your family and it benefits everybody to come and see that. It’s important to note that you can do it, too. These are the people the students see every day.” 

Rivas encourages the free expression of art, like that at the Art Walk. 

“Students might get an idea and think that isn’t very good, but when they see these people expressing themselves, they can do the same,” she said. 

Rivas added that while she is a musician and gravitates toward the musical aspects of the Art Walk, she enjoyed all forms of art presented at the Art Walk. 

“I thought this would be like a larger gallery show but it’s still pretty good,” said Destiny Davis, sophomore in music education.  

This was Davis’ first time visiting the Pittsburg Art Walk. She said her favorite part of the festival was presence of the SEK Humane Society with their dogs up for adoption. 

“I really like the food here, too, as well as the art,” Davis said. “It’s just a great atmosphere.”  

After attending the Art Walk, Davis said it can “broaden horizons” as to what is art, including various forms. 

“When most people think of art they think of music or paintings, but I’ve been exposed to so much more,” she said. “There’s some pottery, some neat little pins. Everyone should have a general understanding of all the arts.” 

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