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Lindell Haverstic, university architect and director of facilities planning & design, discusses about campus improvements funded by R&R dollars. PSU has invested R&R dollars for campus wide construction development projects.

R&R funded campus improvements underway

University workers are working on several R&R projects to help with repairs and maintenance of buildings across campus.  

R&R funded projects, or Rehabilitation and Repair, include routine or emergency maintenance restoration, replacement of a broken equipment, or energy conservation projects.  

The Kansas Technology Center (KTC) roof recovery project is one of these projects, as it is a 21-year-old building that still has its original roof.  

“We’re replacing over three miles of joint sealant for caulking that goes in between the concrete cast panels,” said Lindell Haverstic, university architect and director. “This shows some of the conditions that the original building had where the cracks and gaps for allowing water and air between those concrete panels and we removed all of those sealants and put a new backer rod into new sealant so will get another 20 to 30 years of service and we did that in combination with the roof recovery project. … Our goal is to stop some of the leaks on the side of the building just as we can on the roof.” 

Other R&R funded projects include a fire alarm upgrade that was completed last semester with the Physical Plant as well as a new boiler at the KTC. New software, hardware, or both for the fire alarm system were installed to improve operation of the system and make it easier for first responders and university police to utilize and monitor.  

“An example of an upcoming project that is also funded by the R&R project is the boiler replacement project at the KTC,” Haverstic said. “Students, faculty, and staff wouldn’t necessarily know that the boiler’s been replaced, but when the heat is not functioning the way it should or the utility bills are higher than what they should be it’s time to do something.”  

Another project is the Axe Library renovation master plan. 

“This summer and the previous two summers we’ve been working toward the accomplishment of that master plan and last year we worked on the third floor and revamped the entire third floor,” Haverstic said. “Before that it was a portion of the basement and this summer the project focuses on a portion of the basement and it creates for group study rooms, a flexible classroom space, a presentation area that can also have flexible use for either smaller group study areas or lounge or receptions, and then there are some additional study tables. There are going to be charging stations, all new finish carpet tile—which is the sustainability future—new ceilings, new LED lighting, and upgrading the mechanical system as well.”  

The library renovation project is also replacing several windows with leaky seals or are not as energy efficient due to age. Along with window replacement, an upgrade to the elevator is set as a part of the renovation project. 

“People won’t be able to see new finishes in the elevator, but the controls, the brains of the equipment, are being upgraded,” Haverstic said.  

The KTC roof repairs date of completion is September 1. The KTC boiler replacement project is scheduled for sometime between now and the beginning of the heating season. The fire alarm systems upgrade is already completed. The Axe Library renovation project is anticipated to finish this fall. The basement renovation and the window replacement projects are anticipated for completion in October or November and the elevator project component will take place over winter break so as to allow students to still use the elevator during classes.  


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